October 20, 2021


CONTACT: Donna Oracion, College Development Director (575) 624-7403

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The ENMU-Roswell Foundation has awarded close to $40,000 in scholarships to students this fall semester. Charlene Blackledge, Ryan Chambers, Alyssa Hughs and Venetia Torrez received the ENMU-Roswell Foundation Scholarship for $1128. Sara Garcia and Kiahna Harris received the William H. McCutchen Memorial Scholarship for $1128. Carmen Lucero received $1000 from the Claribel Marshall Trust Scholarship.

Veronica Alonso, Felicia Avila, Gabriel Beltran, Gabrielle Davis, Michael Frecking, Gabriel Gonzalez, Racheal Goodson, Guadalupe Inglet, Analicia Nieto, Micaela Patino, Alishia Pennell, Joel Saenz, Caitlin Sharkey, Valerie Tavarez, Tiffany Vega, and Juliana Vigil received $1000 each from the Sally Pacheco Memorial Scholarship. Emily Aspaas received the $1000 Saul Sanchez Nursing Scholarship. Erik Nunez received $1000 from the Sharon Farris-Stern Scholarship. Shaquoy McKellar received $1250 from the Elson Ray Phelps Scholarship. Marlon Gonzalez received the Thomas M. Coates Memorial Aviation Scholarship for $1000. Joseph Taylor received $1000 from the Nestor and Thea Otterson Endowed Scholarship.

Bailey Gonzalez received $400 from the Lankford-Breeden Scholarship.  Adrianna Espinoza received $1750 from the Morgan and Joyce Nelson Endowed Scholarship. The Eloise Blake Endowment Scholarship for $700 was awarded to Marci Garcia. Angel Gonzalez-Ruiz received $1750 from the Julian Farris Films Creative Mind Scholarship. The RHS Alumni Scholarship for $1150 was awarded to Alberto Sanchez.

Yajayra Castillo received $750 from the Patricia K. Jennings Scholarship. The Jeanie Whitwam Endowment Scholarship for $750 was awarded to Melanie Marquez. Daniela Rodriguez received $1750 from the Julian G. Stern Memorial Scholarship. The Desk and Derrick Scholarship for $500 was awarded to Jesus Mendoza. Jaqueline Frausto and Jennifer Mendoza received $600 each from the Maria de Los Angeles Gonzalez Scholarship.

For information on all available scholarships, contact Financial Aid Scholarship Coordinator, Kimberly Andazola at (575) 624-7114. For information about the ENMU-Roswell Foundation, contact Craig Collins, Foundation Coordinator at (575) 624-7304.