Research Office


It is the mission of the Office of Institutional Research to provide qualitative and quantitative information to facilitate assessment, planning, continuous improvement and decision making at all levels of the college

DATA Request Form

Institutional Research Office

DATA Request Form

Research and Data Support

The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for the preparation and analysis of internal and external data reports. The Fact Book, Fast Facts, Integrated Public Education Data System (IPEDS) reports and New Mexico Association of Community Colleges (NMACC), are a few of the documents that are published annually.  The office also responds to various ad hoc requests for data and analysis. Members of the office serve on a number of internal committees to provide guidance and research support.

State and Federal Reporting

The office is responsible for coordinating state and federal reporting processes for the college.  The Office Institutional Research at ENMU-Roswell is the point of contact for all reporting done through the New Mexico Higher Education Department’s Electronic Data Editing And Reporting (eDEAR) System.

Surveys and Questionnaires

The Office Institutional Research at ENMU-Roswell acts as a clearinghouse for internal questionnaires and surveys which are used for evaluating college programs and services. Guidance on designing and coordinating survey distribution, data analysis, and reporting is available to faculty and staff. The office coordinates various institutional surveys as a means of assessing student satisfaction and institutional effectiveness.

Strategic Planning

The office is responsible for facilitating and supporting the strategic planning process of the college. We aim to support a culture that is based on data-driven decision making, continuous assessment, and improvement.

Institutional Research Priorities

  1. First priority is given to official data/reports that are required or requested for:
    1. Accreditation and Compliance
    2. Grants
    3. Institutional and Strategic Planning
  2. Second priority is given to data/reports requested by deans/department chairs/faculty related to Academic Program Review, Sustainability Process, and/or the assessment of campus-wide student success initiatives or interventions.
  3. Third priority is given to ad hoc reports in support of classroom and/or program-level student success initiatives requested by students, faculty and/or staff.