ENMU-Roswell Sunshine Portal

IDDescriptionDate PostedRequesterAmountAttachments
28Continued use and support of the Compass system, consisting of academic data, assistance with progress reports, statistical data analysis, data hosting, and survey development and compilation 2014-08-22 08:17:16Steve Markl$26,800.00CoBro_21_Aug_14.pdf

32Online student tutoring services, assessments and reporting.2014-09-04 10:12:13Steve Markl$62,000.00Smarthinking (28 Aug 14).pdf

33Laerdal SimMan 3G and Accessories.2014-10-16 09:19:35Marc Nason$111,850.57Laerdal (15 Oct 2014).pdf

34SimMom with link box, multi-venous arm, intro course & warranty2015-06-04 09:24:34Todd DeKay$52,716.87SimMom (Laerdal).pdf

35SimNewB with cords, IO leg rep., scenarios and warranty.2015-06-04 09:33:58Todd DeKay$29,169.00SimNewB (Laerdal).pdf

36Sim. Setup/Connection/Testing/Review and Warranty of Server, Network Camera, and Microphone.2015-06-29 15:18:27Dyan Ellington$31,072.10Laerdal SIM Setup (29 Jun 2015).pdf
SIM Setup SS (29 Jun 2015).pdf
SIM Setup SS (Laerdal-29 Jun 2015).pdf

38Provide student academic data, assist with reports, maintain Compass system, statistical data analysis, compile survey data and develop/distribute and compile surveys.2015-10-15 10:52:18Liz Novak$26,800.00CoBro Consulting (01 Oct 2015).pdf

39The Redbird MCX-Dual control, full motion, Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD). The MCX includes a dual, control-loading yoke system and dual rudder pedals for simultaneous pilot and copilot control. The MCX also features wrap-around visuals, quick-change cockpit configurations, and extensive government approvals thus allowing student pilots to log some of their simulator time as flight hours.2016-09-20 16:07:38Chad Smith$99,089.00Redbird.pdf

40This is a Faculty Development project through ENMU-Roswell's Title V grant. This training is specifically tailored for faculty who teach in a Hispanic Serving Institution.2017-01-20 10:53:14Jacqueline Starr$13,399.88ESCALA Educational Services.pdf

42High stakes testing. 7 books per student. Online courses/testing.2017-03-15 16:14:10Susan Golden$25,000.00ATI.pdf

49Blackboard Collaborate2017-05-04 16:58:02Ched Kindley$60,000.00BlackboardInc.pdf

50Services required for the students and faculty in order to maintain the Automotive and Aviation programs.2017-06-06 08:32:09Chad Smith$23,814.70AmeriPride.pdf

51Epilog Fusion M2 Combo (CO2 75 Watt, Fiber 50 Watt) Laser Engraver w/accessories (including Fusion Rim-Style rotary attachment, air assist compressor pump, corel graphics suite w/dvd, engrave labs photo laser-plus software, vector pin table, Fusion M2 Vector grid, additional lenses 1.5, 4.0, 5.0, 8.0; E-view camera w/ 6 hours onsite training.2017-07-25 11:21:38James Engelhard$68,964.00Engraving Concepts LP.pdf

52Consulting Support for Credit Hour Adjustments2017-12-01 09:03:39Linda Neel$80,300.00Evisions.pdf

53Students are required to schedule themselves for Field and Clinical rotations for the duration of their EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic Training. EMS students take their Unit Exams and Predicative exam using this platform. All preceptors are also required to complete a 4 hour preceptor training per accreditation guidelines and this is offered through FISDAP.2018-03-09 11:05:19Jesse Davis$30,000.00Sole Source - FISDAP.pdf

54Online course delivery/learning/collaboration platform for distance education courses, including hosting (storing) all online course and software information on Blackboard's system; mobile learn for student access anywhere; content management; and data integration between instructors and student input. This supports the online course development/methodology used by ENMU-Roswell to present online instruction.2018-07-03 07:13:10Ched Kindley$62,000.00Blackboard Sole Source.pdf

55American Heart Association cards and material.2019-06-26 07:56:09Jesse Davis$75,000.00AHA Sole Source.pdf

57SimMan Essential Bleeding and accesories. Value Plus Platinum Package which covers installation, extended warranty, preventative maintenance, and on-site loaner equipment.2019-08-09 12:16:56Jesse Davis$68,857.47Laerdal Sole Source.pdf

623 REALTi 360 RREALTi 360PL simulated monitors with REALTi 360 CPR Module and REALTi 360 multi-screen module for Zoll X and Physio Control Life Pack 15 monitor screens.2019-10-31 09:15:27Jesse Davis$31,665.00iSimulate Sole Source.pdf

64(Cost Estimated) ENMU-Roswell requires a temporary space to hold automotive classes due to the renovation of the automotive building that is set to take place February 1, 2021. This renovation will displace the auto program for an anticipated 18-month period. ENMU-R needs a temporary space that can accommodate the needs of the auto program and will allow the instructor to continue teaching currently enrolled students. (Cost Estimated)2020-11-05 11:59:28Tony Major$60,000.00Krumland Cattle Co LLC Sole Source.pdf

65Demo Dose Med Dispense Medication Dispensing System2021-01-22 11:55:31ChrisAnne Bell$24,544.051187997-Pocket Nurse QUote-MedDispense.pdf
Demo Dose Med Dispense.pdf
MedDispense Sole Source 2020.pdf
Sole Source Form (00000002) (00000002).docx

66A virtual reality portable system to provide adult and infant interactive scenarios. This setup will allow for a medical patient simulation and improve medical provider skill.s in a real life environment.2021-03-09 17:40:16ChrisAnne Bell$25,995.00doc01455320210309115344.pdf