October 7, 2021


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Automotive Technology students at ENMU-Roswell are enhancing their skills training through partnerships with Toyota and Ford corporate offices. Instructor, Eric Gomez, said students receive login credentials to access the online training modules used by technicians at Ford and Toyota dealerships. Students can then complete those training modules and earn certifications in a number of skill sets, such as brakes or electrical systems. Each module ranges from 30 minutes to an hour.

Gomez said those certifications can then be transferred to the dealerships if they are hired and that means less training they have to complete as a dealership employee. “So through Ford corporate, for example, they can work at any Ford dealership in the country and those certifications would transfer over,” he said. Approximately 50-60 students are taking advantage of the online training. “So not only do they come out with the certifications that we have in house such as the Pro-Cut, the Snap-on and then of course the certificates and degrees they receive from our university, they also receive the Ford and Toyota certifications as well which puts them above a lot of the other applicants.” ENMU-Roswell students also receive ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) entry level certifications as part of their training.

Gomez said through the Toyota partnership, student information is submitted to the corporate office to give students full access to the Toyota technician website. “So not only are they able to go through and do the certifications like they are doing with Ford, but it also gives them access to the service information just like if they were working at the Toyota dealership. So that’s a big advantage in that Toyota allows us to gives us access to pretty much everything that they have to offer.” Gomez said Toyota is also proving a hybrid training that students can access and get certified in as well. One student is already employed at Toyota and earning his certifications while he is working. Another student recently graduated from the program and is working at the Roswell Ford dealership.

Gomez said students can take advantage of both the Ford and Toyota certifications while they are earning their certificate or associate degree from ENMU-Roswell. “What’s a great benefit with this is it doesn’t necessarily tie in with them having to go work for Ford or Toyota but what is does show is that they are trained, they do have some certifications and some skills so it makes them more employable at any dealership.”

Currently, students in the Automotive Technology program are training in a facility off campus through a partnership with Krumland Auto Group (KAG).  The space is being leased while the automotive and welding technology building on campus is undergoing renovations. The remodeled environment will enhance student training and increase enrollment in these programs, which will result in more skilled graduates who can enter the workforce and boost the local economy.

Gomez said the demand for trained automotive technicians now is very high and numerous job opportunities are available.  For more information about the program, contact Gomez at 575-624-7115.




Two students, Alex Lerma, 19, (left) and Nicholaus Martinez, 22, (right) went through an interview process and were selected for a state apprenticeship training program. Lerma is employed with Toyota and Martinez is employed with Hyundai.