Requests for transcripts may be submitted online through the student online secure system or in written form:

  • The online request is accessible through the Registration/Student Records link on the ENMU Roswell internet homepage.
  • Transcript request forms are available for download through the ENMU-Roswell internet homepage under Admissions > Admissions Forms.
  • Written letters or faxed requests for transcripts must contain the following information:
    1. Student’s name (including any previous names);
    2. Current address and telephone number
    3. Social Security Number;
    4. Date of birth;
    5. Semester and campus of last attendance;
    6. Address to which transcript should be mailed; and
    7. Student’s signature.

There is no charge for transcripts of work completed at ENMU-Roswell. Transcripts cannot be issued for students who have University Holds on their records. This policy applies to all holds.

Prior to the release of transcripts from ENMU-Roswell, all student Admissions files must be complete. This includes the requirement that high school transcripts (with high school graduation date posted), GED transcripts (if applicable), as well as official transcripts from all other universities previously attended must be received prior to the release of any student transcripts from ENMU-Roswell. Official transcripts bearing the Seal of the University are issued only to institutions and/or agencies. Student copies without the official seal may be viewed and printed from the student online secure area. Transcripts from other institutions will not be released to any other party or requestor. Students who desire copies of their transcripts from other institutions should write directly to the institutions previously attended. If any other information is needed concerning students or their records, written requests from students will be required.