Success Center

Call 575-624-7225 for more information.

Located in the Learning Resource Center, the Student Success Center offers a multitude of free services, including tutoring, computer use, and printing! We have tutors for most subjects on campus, including math, science, and writing across the disciplines (i.e. Sociology, Psychology, Criminal Justice, et cetera). We also house the Supplemental Instruction program where peer tutors are placed into classes and hold supplemental study sessions outside of class. Call (575) 624-7225 for more information.

In addition to our tutoring and computers, we offer group collaborative spaces which allow students to work in groups in the privacy of a conference room with cutting edge technology (i.e. Promethean Board). These spaces have large conference tables with proximity to staff who can provide feedback and/or guidance on your group projects and presentations.

Need help brushing up on some of your academic skills? Workshops are offered throughout the fall and spring semesters that cover topics such as How to Write a Research Paper “Like a Boss,” Reliable Sources, Navigating “MyMathLab,” and so much more! If you attend a workshop, you are entered into a raffle for ENMU-Roswell gear!

Finally, we offer free coffee and popcorn for those enrolled students who need a little “pick-me-up” during the day!

Everything mentioned above is free for all enrolled students of ENMU-Roswell!

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Student Success Center Hours

Monday- Thursday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Fridays, 8:00 AM – noon