The maximum amount of credit from a combination of special credit such as College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Advanced Placement (AP), challenge examination, or Military Service credit, which may be applied to an associate degree, is 32 credit hours. Any credit earned through CLEP and Advanced Placement must be mutually exclusive. For example, students cannot earn three (3) hours of English credit through Advanced Placement and another three (3) hours of credit for English through CLEP.

ACT Credit Examination Program

  1. ENMU-Roswell will give up to 9 hours of credit for the ACT examination scores as follows:
    Course Score Credit Applied To
    English 31 3 hours ENGL 1110 (ENG 102)
    Math 31 6 hours MATH 1215 (MATH 107) and 1130 (113)
  2. Credit is given to beginning or transfer freshmen who take the ACT examination BEFORE the first registration at ENMU-Roswell. High school students participating in the early admission program must have taken the examination before the first full-time registration. Credit is awarded only after successful completion of 12 or more credit hours at ENMU-Roswell.
  3. Any credit earned through CLEP, AP, and ACT must be mutually exclusive. A student cannot earn three hours of English credit through the ACT and another three hours of credit for English through CLEP or AP, for example. The total number of credits accepted from any combination of CLEP general and ACT cannot exceed 30 credit hours.
  4. Contact the Admissions and Records Office for further details.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Advanced Placement (AP)

ENMU‑Roswell participates in CLEP (the College Level Examination Program) of the College Entrance Examination Board and the Advanced Placement program under the following provisions:

  1. Credit may be established on CLEP and Advanced Placement examinations for scores at the 50th percentile on CLEP examinations and at level 3 and above for Advanced Placement examinations.
  2. CLEP and Advanced Placement examinations will be considered individually, and credit will be assigned to specific courses.
  3. ENMU-Roswell will accept transfer CLEP and Advanced Placement subject credit without consideration of the percentile or score accepted by the transferring institution.
  4. CLEP and Advanced Placement credit may be received if a “Passing” grade has been recorded.
  5. CLEP and Advanced Placement credit will not be awarded if students have received college credit for the same course or its equivalent.
  6. Students with 59 or fewer credit hours may take CLEP and/or Advanced Placement exams for credit.
  7. CLEP and Advanced Placement credit will be awarded to students who have successfully completed one semester on an ENMU Campus.

Challenge Examinations in Academic Programs

Regularly enrolled students at ENMU-Roswell have the option of challenging a course in their degree plan for a grade by challenge examination without class attendance. A challenge examination may take the form of tests, projects, writing assignments, and other measures of course competency. A student who is already enrolled in a course will not be eligible to challenge the course if the semester is in progress. A student who has already taken a course, and the course has been rolled to academic history may not challenge that course. The course must be repeated.

Note: Due to program guidelines, students may not challenge courses in certain career-technical/health programs; (i.e. programs that require clocked attendance hours, clinical, practicums, etc.)

To arrange a challenge examination for credit, the student must obtain and complete the following:

  1. The Challenge Examination for Credit Request form from Admissions and Records confirming that the student has a cumulative GPA of 2.5, and has not already taken or is not currently enrolled in the class;
  2. Agreement of the course instructor or faculty member to administer the examination or send the examination to the Testing Center to be proctored by one of the staff in that area;
  3. Signatures on the form, including (1) student, (2) registrar (3) faculty member and (4) assistant vice president of the educational area;
  4. Proof of payment from the Business Office noted on the Request for Challenge Examination form. The fee to challenge a course is $70.00 and is nonrefundable.

Once the student has obtained the appropriate signatures on the form and paid the nonrefundable fee, the form must be returned to the Office of Admissions and Records. Once the form is processed, a copy will be sent to the faculty member who has approved the challenge request, who will then make the arrangements for the challenge examination with the student.

After taking the examination, if the student receives a grade of C or higher, the course will appear on the transcript with the grade that the student has earned and be counted in the student’s grade point average for that semester. If the student receives a grade lower than a C, no entry will be made on the transcript, and the student will have the option of registering for the course at the current tuition rate.

Challenge Examination for Advanced Placement

Regularly enrolled students at ENMU-Roswell are encouraged to take challenge examinations for advancement in foreign language courses. The student must arrange with the instructor to take the challenge examination prior to the regular semester, and the academic program stipulations apply.