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This is the Eastern New Mexico University – Roswell campus directory


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Last Name First Name Telephone
Aguilar Daniel 575-624-7180 [email protected] Security Officer Campus Security
Aldaco Shandie 575-624-7108 [email protected] Medical Assisting Instructor Health Education
Almaraz Adela 575-624-7172 [email protected] Administrative Assistant Physical Plant
Almaraz Yessica 575-624-7086 [email protected] Program Specialist-TS Student Outreach
Almond David 575-624-7054 [email protected] GPS STEM Director Arts & Science Education
Alvarez Paulina 575-624-7351 [email protected] Administrative Assistant Gear-Up
Alvidrez Marisela 575-624-7275 [email protected] Director, Testing Services Testing Services
Ambrosio Angelina-Blue 575-624-7379 [email protected] Recruiter Student Affairs
Amen (Fitzsimmons) Andrea 575-624-7023 [email protected] Aviation Maintenance Instructor Technical Education
Anchondo Andy 575-624-7040 [email protected] CDL Instructor Technical Education
Andazola Kimberly 575-624-7114 [email protected] Operations Manager-Financial Aid Financial Aid
Anderson Rahbeka 575-624-7322 [email protected] Institutional Research Analyst Technical Education
Anzar Kristy 575-624-7455 [email protected] One Stop Generalist- Admissions & Records Student Affairs
Arias Carolyn 575-624-7133 [email protected] SBDC Coordinator Small Business Development Cente
Aubert Griselda 575-624-7149 [email protected] Operations Manager-Admissions & Records Admissions & Records
Baca Christopher 575- 562-2281 [email protected] Program Specialist - Educational Opportunity Center (Portales L Student Outreach
Bain Keegan 575-624-7052 [email protected] Information Technology Supervisor Computer Services
Baker Dusty 575-624-7318 [email protected] Director of Career Area/Welding Instructor Technical Education
Barrientos Missael 575-624-7246 [email protected] Welding Instructor Technical Education
Becerra Cecilia 575-624-7172 [email protected] Custodian Physical Plant
Bell Vanessa 575-624-7124 [email protected] Accounts Receivable Supervisor Business Office
Bell ChrisAnne 575-624-7412 [email protected] Administrative Assistant Human Resources
Benavidez Ashley 575-624-7152 [email protected] One Stop Coordinator - Fin Aid Financial Aid
Bender Robert 575-624-7208 [email protected] History Instructor Arts & Science Education
Benton Jennifer 575-624-7476 [email protected] Medical Assisting Instructor Health Education
Bersane Angie 575-624-7168 [email protected] Director, Enrollment Services Enrollment Management/Dual Credi
Bitner John 575-624-7435 [email protected] Medical Simulation Specialist Health Education
Bitner Brianna 575-624-7286 [email protected] Special Services Coordinator Special Services
Blankenship August (Austin) 575-624-7358 [email protected] Computer Technician II Computer Services
Blazak Kalyn [email protected] Brance Controller Business Office
Borunda Vanessa 575-624-7027 [email protected] Manager-GEAR UP Outreach Gear-Up
Bozeman Michael 575-624-7171 [email protected] Carpenter/Maintenance Specialist Physical Plant
Bravo Christina 575-624-7278 [email protected] Special Services Instructor Special Services
Brooks Kathy 575-624-7233 [email protected] Nursing Instructor Health Education
Brown Selma 575-624-7494 [email protected] Accountant Business Office
Bucher Scott 575-624-7131 [email protected] Director, Small Business Dev. Center Small Business Development Cente
Bullard Brandon (Chris) 575-624-7325 [email protected] Director, CWCD Technical Education
Cain Jennifer 575-624-7217 [email protected] Health Education
Cain Caleb 575-624-7088 [email protected] HVAC/Refrigeration Instructor Technical Education
Calderon Raul 575-624-7267 [email protected] OTA-Part-time Faculty Health Education
Campos Victor 575-624-7355 [email protected] Computer Technician II Computer Services
Cantu Candace 575-624-7045 [email protected] Media Arts Instructor Technical Education
Cardona Victoria 575-624-7172 [email protected] Custodian Physical Plant
Carrasco Alma 575-624-7172 [email protected] Custodian Physical Plant
Cary Lynne 575-624-7211 [email protected] Science Instructor Arts & Science Education
Casarez Teresa 575-624-7411 [email protected] Director, Human Resources Human Resources
Castro David 575-624-7260 [email protected] Assistant Director of Adult Education Adult Education
Chaves Samuel 575-624-7478 [email protected] Director, OTA Fieldwork Health Education
Chavez Julie 575-624-7166 [email protected] Director, Clinical Education-Respiratory Therapy Health Education
Chavez Natasha 575-624-7201 [email protected] Administrative Assistant Student Outreach
Childress Kimberly 575-624-7002 [email protected] Deputy Director, Special Services Special Services
Cobos Rebecca 575-624-7289 [email protected] Director, Special Services Special Services
Coburn Joey 575-624-7380 [email protected] Mathematics Instructor Arts & Science Education
Coll Bailey 575-624-7173 [email protected] Art Instructor Arts & Science Education
Collins Pamela 575-624-7055 [email protected] Budget Analyst Business Office
Collins Craig 575-624-7304 [email protected] Foundation Coordinator College Development
Computer Services 575-624-7491
Crouchman James 575-624-7165 [email protected] Aviation Instructor Technical Education
Cruz Theresa 575-624-7126 [email protected] Payroll
Cruz Celia 575-624-7172 [email protected] Custodian Physical Plant
D'Arezzo Ruth 575-624-7158 ruth.d'[email protected] AVP Adminstrative Assistant Student Affairs
De La Hoya Laura 575-624-7153 [email protected] One Stop Scholarship Specialist Financial Aid
DeKay Todd 575-624-7059 [email protected] Interim Assistant Vice President- Technical Education Technical Education
Dean Benjamin (Bill) 575-624-7288 [email protected] Lieutenant, Campus Security Campus Security
Diaz Emily 575-624-7269 [email protected] Data Tech Analyst Adult Education
Diaz Sarahi 575-624-7183 [email protected] Testing Program Specialist Testing Services
Dixon Traci 575-624-7413 [email protected] Director Accounting & Grants Business Office
Dubiel Frances 575-624-7250 [email protected] Facilities Coordinator Business Office
Dudek Robert 575-624-7209 [email protected] Program Specialist- Talent Search Program Specialist
Duran Rosie 575-624-7093 [email protected] VP of Business Affairs Business Office
Duran Brittany 575-624-7234 [email protected] Nursing Instructor Health Education
Durand Sherry 575-624-7253 [email protected] AVP Administrative Assistant Arts & Science Education