Veteran and Military Benefits

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Providing Educational Opportunities for Servicemembers

Eastern New Mexico University – Roswell is a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Consortium and the SOC Degree Network System. As a member of the SOC Consortium, ENMU-Roswell affirms its commitment to fair, equitable, and effective policies and practices that recognize and deal with the special conditions faced by military students who want to obtain a college education.

SOC Consortium Servicemembers Opportunity

Colleges Consortium (SOC), established in 1972, is a consortium of national higher education associations with more than 1,700 institutional members. SOC Consortium institutional members subscribe to principles and criteria ensuring that quality academic programs are available to military students, their family members, civilian employees of the Department of Defense (DoD) and Coast Guard, as well as veterans. A list of current SOC Consortium member institutions can be found on the SOC website at


Services for Veterans

For veterans returning to civilian life to begin or continue study, civilian SOC Consortium institutions provide appropriate evaluation of their training, experience, and prior study as well as other services similar to those afforded servicemembers. Some SOC Criteria apply equally to veterans – admissions practices, transfer of credit, and recognition of other forms of learning, including military experience.

VA Educational Benefits

New VA Students: You must apply online by accessing the link to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs above. Initial processing takes approximately 2 weeks from the time of application. You may call the regional office in Muskogee, OK at 1.888.442.4551 to check on the status of your paperwork. If eligible, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility, which must be submitted to the VACO (Veterans Affairs Certifying Officer)., located in the Student Services Center.

Returning VA Students: Each semester, returning VA Students must submit a request for certification form to the VACO. This form is available from the VACO in the Student Services Center, or online at:

All VA Students: You must notify VACO of ANY changes made to enrollment.
All degree and certificate programs offered at ENMU-Roswell are approved for Veterans’ Administration educational benefits. The Veterans’ Administration (VA) WILL NOT fund courses other than courses those pertaining to the degree programs. (This does not apply to remedial courses.) It is the student’s responsibility to furnish the VACO with a degree plan at the initial certification period. The certifying official cannot certify veterans for courses taken outside the degree program.

The VACO is located in the Student Services Center, which serves as the Veterans’ Affairs center at ENMU‑Roswell. All necessary forms for applying for these benefits are available in that office. New Mexico Army National Guardsmen must provide Form 2384, Basic Eligibility for Army National Guard/Reserve, bearing the signature of the Educational Officer from State Headquarters in Santa Fe, before any benefits will be processed.

Students applying for veterans’ benefits should apply 8-10 weeks prior to the semester for which they are enrolling in order to allow the VA sufficient processing time.

Other Military Tuition Benefits

Tuition Payments Forgiven

HB 715 requires state-funded educational institutions to forgive tuition payments owed by residents of New Mexico when the student is conscripted or enters the military service on or after August 1, 1990. Also, the bill requests institutions credit students for the full amount of the payments made when students reenroll in that institution at a future date.

Military Tuition Waiver/Financial Aid

We at ENMU- Roswell are committed to helping our military students and accustomed to developing their financial aid in conjunction with the additional governmental assistance they may receive. The following options are available to military students at ENMU – Roswell:

  • military out of state tuition waivers
  • academic scholarships
  • federal student aid

Each resource has application requirements, so plan early to meet any deadlines. For additional information on the resources listed above, please call 575-624-7143 or e-mail: