Program Plan Checklists

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician16-17COE
Automotive Technology16-17AAS
Automotive Technology16-17COE
Automotive Technology16-17COT
Automotive Technology.Brakes16-17COE
Automotive Technology.Level 116-17COE
Aviation Maintenance16-17AAS
Aviation Maintenance Technology16-17COC
Behavioral Sciences16-17AA
Business Administration16-17AA
Business Assistant Administrator16-17COT
Cert Safety Trained Manager SET16-17N/A
Cert Safety Trained Worker SET16-17N/A
Certified Occupational Safety and Environmental Technician SET16-17N/A
Certified Occupational Safety and Health Specialist SET16-17N/A
Certified Occupational Safety and Health Trainer SET16-17N/A
Certified Occupational Safety Technician SET16-17N/A
Child Development16-17AA
Commercial Driver’s License16-17COE
Commercial Refrigeration16-17COT
Community Health Worker16-17COE
Computer and Network Cyber Security16-17COC
Computer Application and Support16-17AAS
Computer Application and Support16-17COE
Computer Applications and Support16-17COT
Criminal Justice16-17AA
Emergency Management – Advanced Professional Development16-17COT
Emergency Management – Emergency Preparedness16-17COE
Emergency Medical Services16-17AS
Emergency Medical Technician16-17COE
Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic16-17COT
Engineering and Design Technology16-17AAS
Engineering and Design Technology16-17COT
Engineering and Design Technology – Emphasis in Architecture16-17COE
Engineering and Design Technology – Emphasis in Surveying16-17COE
Fire Science16-17AAS
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning-Refrigeration16-17AAS
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Technology16-17COT
Human Services16-17AA
Human Services – Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies16-17COE
Human Services – Helping Relationship Skills16-17COE
Industrial Engineering Technology16-17AAS
Industrial Engineering Technology16-17COT
Industrial Engineering Technology – Basic Maintenance16-17COT
Industrial Engineering Techonology – Construction Trades16-17COE
Media Arts – Animation16-17AAS
Media Arts – Animation16-17COE
Media Arts – Film Technology16-17AAS
Media Arts – Film Technology16-17COE
Media Arts – Graphic Design16-17AAS
Media Arts – Graphic Design16-17COE
Medical Assisting16-17AS
Medical Assisting16-17COT
Medical Coding Specialist16-17COT
Nursing Assisting16-17COE
Occupational Safety Engineering and Environmental Management Technologies16-17COE
Occupational Safety Engineering and Environmental Management Technologies16-17COT
Occupational Safety Engineering and Environmental Manangement Technologies16-17AAS
Occupational Therapy Assistant16-17AS
Pharmacy Technician16-17COE
Police Science16-17AAS
Professional Pilot Training16-17AS
Respiratory Therapy16-17AAS
Telecommunications Technician16-17COE
University Studies16-17AA
Welding Technology16-17AAS
Welding Technology – Advanced16-17COE
Welding Technology – Advanced CHANGED16-17COE
Welding Technology – Basic16-17COE