2nd Place, 2023 Spooky Writing Contest

This is the second place winner written by Aiden Hale
As I Place My Steps Against A Misty Mire
I Walk Closer To What I’ve Fired
My Bent Willow, Why Do You Weep
As If You Know What I’ve Done
Why Do You Cry
As If It Were Your Wife
I Walk Closer
To The Bent Branches I Buried You Under
My Weeping Willow
You See Me For Who I Am
I Planted The Seeds That Bursted You From Burnt Soil
Yet Why Do U Bend To What’s Beneath You
Your Roots Are Bounded To The Bones Of A Woman I Loved
My Willow
I Beg For Your Branches To Surround Me The Same Way You
Surround Her
As My Lesson Has Been Learned
I’m Ready To Place My Knees In Dirt
Spark From The Seed
That I Will Be Planted
Let My Fear, Let My Love, Let My Shackles
Be Buried Here
I Am One Man
Yet Here I Stand
And To That
I Bind These Branches Against My Neck
Our Weeping Willow, Will Hold Both Of Our Final Breaths
My Weeping Willow, 2nd place winner of the 2023 Spooky Writing Contest written by Aiden Hale