The Writing Lab is thrilled to announce the winners of the Fall 2023 Spooky Writing Contest. The submissions we received showcased an incredible array of talent, making the judging process both inspiring and challenging.

Without further ado, please help me congratulate our winners:

Mariana Barron

1st Place Winner, Spooky Writing Contest, 2023

Marian Barron, first place winner of the Spooky Writing Contest
Mariana Barron is a kind-hearted mother who is currently pursuing a teaching degree. With a deep love for children and a desire to make a positive impact on their lives, Mariana has dedicated herself to furthering her education in the field of teaching. As she juggles the responsibilities of being a parent and a student, Mariana’s determination and dedication shine through in her pursuit of becoming an educator who can inspire and guide young minds. In her free time, Mariana will indulge herself with the latest installment of her most favorite podcast.
Mariana’s submission is a short story titled ‘The Old House’

Aiden Hale

2nd Place Winner, Spooky Writing Contest, 2023

Aiden Hale, second place winner of the Spooky Writing Contest
Aiden Hale is a self-proclaimed modern poet and photographer. He first started his creative writing at the age of 7. His main focus in his poetry is to bring about his own experiences in growing older, finding shelter in other people, and allowing an outlet for his emotions in a way that can only be described as a somber summersault into the human mind. Without his brain and his writing, he wouldn’t know who he would be. He often finds himself going on walks at the local bird sanctuary, along with exploring different ideas of why we’re here on earth and what happens when our soul departs from it. He’s only 19 years old, but has a lifetime of love and poetry to give.
Aiden Hale’s submission is a poem titled ‘My Weeping Willow’ and is accompanied by their original artwork