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Adult Education

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About Adult Ed

The Adult Education Program is dedicated to empowering individuals through lifelong learning opportunities. We offer a diverse range of courses designed to enhance personal and professional skills, from literacy and language classes to career development — all free of charge.

Our instructors are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment where every learner can achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking to complete your high school education, advance your career, or improve your English language skills, our program is here to help you succeed.

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Available Programs


Our Adult Education Program proudly offers High School Equivalency (HSE) classes designed to help individuals achieve their educational and career goals. Our comprehensive HSE courses prepare students for the GED and HiSET exams, covering key subjects such as math, science, social studies, and language arts. These classes are offered in both English and Spanish to accommodate diverse learners. With the support of our dedicated instructors, students gain the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed on their exams and open doors to new opportunities in higher education and employment.


Our Adult Education Program offers comprehensive English as a Second Language (ESL) classes designed to help non-native speakers improve their English proficiency. Our ESL courses cover essential skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, with a focus on practical communication for everyday life and work. Taught by experienced and supportive instructors, these classes provide a welcoming environment for learners at all levels. Whether you’re looking to enhance your job prospects, pursue further education, or simply feel more confident in your English abilities, our ESL program is here to support your journey.


Our Adult Education Program offers Integrated Education and Training (IET) classes designed to provide learners with both foundational skills and specialized training in high-demand fields. Our IET program includes tracks in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and Entrepreneurship. The EMS and CNA courses are offered through co-enrollment with ENMU-Roswell, ensuring students receive high-quality, accredited training. The Entrepreneurial training is provided in partnership with Startup Generation, offering students the tools and knowledge needed to start and grow their own businesses. These courses integrate essential academic instruction with hands-on workforce training, equipping students with the knowledge and practical skills needed for success in their chosen careers. With dedicated instructors and a supportive learning environment, our IET programs prepare students to excel in their professions and achieve their career aspirations.

Current Students

Information and resources for currently enrolled students in ENMU-Roswell’s Adult Education Program. Here you can conveniently access important documents and submit requests for any necessary changes. Whether you need to retrieve specific forms, update personal information, or request academic changes, this is your go-to resource hub.

Adult Education - HSE Free Voucher Application (Eng)

Prospective Students

Explore your path to success with our comprehensive adult education programs designed to help you achieve your goals. In this section, you’ll find everything you need to know about enrolling in our programs, understanding program assessments, and preparing for key milestones.

Steps for Enrollment

  • Attend an Orientation: Schedule an orientation session to learn more about our adult education programs, explore available courses, and understand program requirements.
  • Fall 2024 Orientation runs for approximately four (4) hours and is limited to forty (40) available slots for each of the scheduled days below.
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

  • July 8th --> FULL
  • August 12th --> FULL
  • October 14th
  • November 4th
  • December 9th

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9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

  • Julio 22
  • Agosto 26
  • Septiembre 23
  • Octubre 21
  • Noviembre 11

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  • Complete an Entrance Assessment: Take the required entrance assessment, such as the TABE 11 & 12 for HSE students or the TABE CLAS-E for ESL students. This assessment helps us understand your current skill level and tailor instruction to meet your needs.
  • Make an Advising Appointment: Schedule a meeting with one of our staff members for personalized advising. We'll guide you through program options, discuss your goals, and assist you in selecting the right courses to achieve success.

Program Assessments

  • TABE 11 & 12 Assessments (HSE Students): The TABE 11 & 12 assessments are essential benchmarks for HSE students, covering three subjects: Reading, Math, and Language. These assessments measure your readiness for the HSE exam and guide instructional planning to support your academic progress. Our experienced instructors will provide tailored support to help you succeed in all areas.
  • TABE CLAS-E Assessment (ESL Students): For ESL students, the TABE CLAS-E assessment evaluates language proficiency levels and informs personalized instructional strategies. This assessment focuses on improving your English language skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  • HiSET® Practice Tests: Prepare effectively for the official HiSET exam with our comprehensive HiSET practice tests. These assessments cover multiple subjects, including Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing. They simulate the exam experience and help you build confidence in your knowledge and skills.


If you are between the ages of 16 and 17 years old, please complete one of the two forms below with a parent or legal guardian and then return to a staff member when you attend orientation.

Adult Education - Underage Permission Fillable Form (Eng)

Adult Education - Underage Permission Fillable Form (Span.)

About GED® / HiSET®

For adults who did not complete high school, the Tests of General Educational Development (GED® tests) or High School Equivalent Tests (HiSET® tests) provide an opportunity to earn a high school credential. The GED®/HiSET® programs, sponsored by the American Council on Education, enables individuals to demonstrate that they have acquired a level of learning comparable to that of high school graduates. Recognized nationwide by employers and institutions of higher learning, the GED®/HiSET® programs have increased employment, education, and earning opportunities for more than ten million adults since 1942.

Since 1986, ENMU-Roswell’s GED®/HiSET® Testing Center has issued more than 4,000 high school equivalency diplomas. Instruction for the GED®/HiSET® is available, free of charge, through the University’s Adult Education Program, which is funded by the Adult Education Act in a grant from the New Mexico Department of Education, Vocational-Technical and Adult Education.

Our Locations

Venue Address
Portales Chamber of Commerce 100 S Ave Suite 10, Portales, NM 88130
ENMU-Roswell Adult Education Department CSC Suite 201, 52 University Blvd., Roswell, NM 88203
Grace Community Church 935 W Mescalero Rd, Roswell, NM 88201
The Valley Cafe, near Church on the Move 801 W. Brasher Rd, Roswell, NM 88203
Parkview Early Literacy Center 1700 W Alameda St., Roswell, NM 88203
Roosevelt County Detention Center (RCDC) - Virtual Classes Only 1700 N. Boston Ave. # C, Portales, NM 88130