ENMU-Roswell Performing Arts Center
The upcoming Nursing Program Pinning Ceremony will be held in the Performing Arts Center and will feature a processional welcome and introduction, a guest speaker, and the history of the pin. During the ceremony, nursing students will be pinned, signifying their completion of the program.

Our 2024 Nursing Program graduates have achieved a remarkable milestone in their academic and professional journey. These graduates have worked tirelessly to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to provide compassionate care to their future patients. They have demonstrated a commitment to the highest standards of nursing practice and have shown a dedication to the well-being for those who will be under their care. The graduates have also shown a willingness to continue learning and growing in their field, which is essential for providing the best possible service to patients. Overall, the 2024 nursing program graduates are a testament to the hard work and dedication required to succeed in this field, and they should be honored for their achievements.

Nursing Program - Pinning Ceremony Program (Spring 2024)