Nursing Assistant

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Nursing Assisting

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About our Nursing Assisting Program

ENMU-Roswell offers a Certificate of Employability in Nursing Assisting

Nursing assistants are a part of the health care team whose purpose is to care for people who are ill or have impaired self-care capabilities. They work in hospital, nursing home, or home health care under the supervision of a professional nurse in carrying out patient care assignments.

Degree Plan (C.O.E.)

Program Learning Outcomes

Nursing Assisting C. O. E.

  • Define the nursing assistant role as it relates to the interdisciplinary health care team in long-term care, hospitals and home health
  • Describe and utilize approaches to communicating with residents with special needs including cognitive impairment
  • Understand and effectively communicate the importance of both verbal and written communication
  • Demonstrate safe and effective care to include infection control practices
  • Demonstrate use of proper body mechanics to promote safety and prevent injury
  • Demonstrate understanding of medical terms and abbreviations
  • Obtain vital signs and properly record results
  • Identify importance of food and nutrition as it relates to health and well-being
  • Position, transfer and assist clients with ambulation and range of motion utilizing proper body mechanics
  • Assist clients with activities of daily living