Standing left to right:

Bud Kunkel, Past Chairman, Roswell-Chaves County Economic Development Corp. Executive Committee; Michael Espiritu, President of Roswell-Chaves County EDC; Irma Perez, Business Development Manager, Roswell-Chaves County EDC; Jasmine Molina, NM Solar Group; Ron Flury, Interim Assistant Vice President, ENMU-Roswell Technical Education; Jose Ojeda, NM Solar Group; Uriel Villagran, NM Solar Group; Dusty Baker, Career and Technical Education and Welding Director; Annemarie Oldfield, Vice President, ENMU-Roswell Academic and Student Affairs; Ian Brumana, NM Solar Group; Nick Kadlec, President/CEO, NM Solar Group; Caleb Cain, HVAC/R Instructor; Will Cavin, Chairman, Chaves County Commission; Jenna Lanfor, ENMU-Roswell Transportation Controller; Dr. Shawn Powell, President, ENMU-Roswell; Melissa Juarez, Project Manager, Roswell-Chaves County EDC

Sitting: left to right:

Graylen East, scholarship recipient, Welding Technology; Samy Matemb, scholarship recipient, Aviation Maintenance Technology; Frank Wyatt, scholarship recipient, HVAC/R Technology

July 15, 2021


CONTACT: Donna Oracion, College Development Director, 575-624-7403

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NM Solar Group has awarded scholarships to three Technical Education students at ENMU-Roswell. Company representatives met with the students, instructors, and county officials on campus to make the scholarship presentation, which was coordinated by the Roswell-Chaves County Economic Development Corporation.

Samy Matemb, Aviation Maintenance Technology student; Graylen East, Welding Technology student; and Frank Wyatt, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning-Refrigeration Technology (HVAC/R) student, each received a $1000 scholarship from NM Solar Group to be used toward their educational expenses.

Nick Kadlec, President/CEO of NM Solar Group thanked Mike Espiritu, President of Roswell-Chaves County EDC, for championing their work in Roswell. Kadlec said education is key to providing jobs for the county and that NM Solar Group is honored to help the students on their educational journeys. Espiritu thanked Kadlec and his team for their support and for helping the students fund their pathways to successful careers.

Matemb is an international student from Cameroon who enrolled in the Aviation Maintenance Technology Program in the summer of 2020. “He is a straight A student who has excelled academically”, said Jenna Lanfor, Transportation Controller. To date he has completed all the General and Airframe courses and has tested with the FAA receiving his Airframe certification. He will complete his Powerplant certification later this fall. Matemb will graduate in December of this year and will begin his Occupational Practical Training at one of the Roswell Air Center facilities. He intends to continue his education pursuing a bachelor’s degree through ENMU.

East and his family moved to Roswell from Portales and he chose to enroll in the Welding Technology Program at ENMU-Roswell. He will be starting his second year in the program and plans to complete the Associate of Applied Science degree. He said he chose welding because he felt it would give him the best opportunity to find a job. He enjoys the different aspects of welding and hopes to explore the world, finding a job in either pipeline welding or structural welding. East’s instructor, Dusty Baker, said East has a great work ethic and will be a great employee.

Wyatt is completing his first year of the HVAC/R Program. Wyatt’s instructor, Caleb Cain, said he is a very hard-working student and can complete any task he is asked to do. Cain said Wyatt is always on time for class and is a student who is willing to go the extra mile in class but also in his life in general. “He has had many obstacles standing in his way, but got through them without any hesitation,” said Cain. Wyatt plans to complete the Certificate of Occupational Training and then possibly pursue the Associate of Applied Science degree. Cain said Wyatt is a top-notch student and will be a good asset for an employer.

For additional information about Technical Education programs at ENMU-Roswell, call 575-624-7336.