The following are letter grades given and their equivalents in grade points:

“A” – 4 grade points per credit hour; “A” grade indicates exceedingly high achievement.

“B” – 3 grade points; “B” grade indicates above average achievement.

“C” – 2 grade points; “C” grade indicates satisfactory

are considered to be part-time students.

Classification of Students

Students who have earned fewer than 29 credit hours are classified as freshman. Those who have accumulated 30 or more credit hours are classified as sophomores.

Student Load

A full-time course load is 12 through 18 credit hours during a regular semester and 6 through 12 during an eight-week summer session. Students exceeding 18 hours in a regular semester or 12 hours in a summer session require approval by the Assistant Vice President and will be assessed additional tuition.

credit hour calculation. This list is prepared for the fall and spring semesters only.


“D” – 1 grade point; “D” grade indicates marginal achievement.

“F” – 0 grade points; “F” grade indicates unsatisfactory achievement.

Other report abbreviations and their meanings include the following:

“I” – Incomplete – The “I” grade is given for passing work which could not be completed due to circumstances beyond the student’s control. The following policies apply to “I” grades:

In no case is an “I” to be used by faculty to avoid the assignment of “D” or “F” grades for marginal or failing work.

Change of an “I” to a satisfactory grade is accomplished by the instructor submitting a change of grade form to the Office of Admissions and Records when the work has been completed. An “F” grade may be given for inadequate work or work not completed in a timely fashion.

A student cannot change an “I” by reenrolling in the

course. Repeating a course will give the student a new grade but will not remove the “I” from the previous registration.

An “I” grade will not replace an “F” grade for grade point average determination.

It is the student’s responsibility to remove an “I” by completing his/her course work in a manner acceptable to the instructor before the end of the next regular semester. In the event that an instructor no longer teaches at ENMU- Roswell or the instructor cannot be reached, the student should contact the appropriate assistant vice president for further assistance.

Failure of the student to complete required coursework and/or failure of the instructor to submit the appropriate Grade Change Form before the end of the next regular semester will result in the conversion of the “I” to a grade of “F”.

“N” – No grade reported by instructor.

“W” – Withdrawal – “W” indicates formal withdrawal from class prior to the withdrawal deadline for each semester.

“S” – Satisfactory – “S” indicates satisfactory completion of a short-term workshop or other unique course designated for “S-U” grading.

“U”– Unsatisfactory – “U” indicates unsatisfactory work in a short-term workshop or other unique course designated for “S-U” grading.

“NC” – Audit. “NC” indicates that students are taking the course for no credit.

Students may access their grades and a calculated semester and cumulative GPA through the secure sign-in area of the ENMU – Roswell website at the end of each semester.

Only those courses with grades “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” or “F” are included in the calculation of the GPA. Grades of “AU,” “NC”, “I,” “N,” “S,” “U,” and “W” are excluded from the calculations, but are included on the grade report.