June 1, 2022


CONTACT: Vickie Thomas, Center for Workforce and Community Development,


[email protected]


ENMU-Roswell invites students to register for Kids Kollege classes this summer. The Center for Workforce and Community Development (CWCD) will offer a variety of fun and educational classes for area youth July 25-29. Classes are designed for students ages 4 to 13, depending on the class. Cost for each class is $30. Pre-registration is required, as class sizes are limited. All classes will be held in the Lawrence C. Harris Occupational Technology Center (OTC) on campus at 20 W. Mathis St. To register or for more information, contact Vickie Thomas, CWCD Director, at 575-624-7164 or at  [email protected]

Classes offered are:

Lego Science and Technology Life Skills

Ages 8 – 12

9:00 am – 11:00 am

OTC Room 121 A

Bring your young technicians into a creative engineering environment.  Using special Lego Log kits not found stores, experience extraordinary opportunities for hands-on construction.  Use detailed technical plans to build robots, traffic lights, race cards, 4×4 trucks, cranes, pulleys, levers, and so much more during this energized week of discover with Lego!  Motivated by fun, creativity, and success, young builders will expand their knowledge of math, science, and STEM technology.


Lego Mania

Ages 4 – 7

11:30 am – 1:30 pm

OTC Room 121 A

For Lego buffs!  Over 15 new games, STEM kits, projects, and activities not found in stores to build dinosaurs, rockets, castles, airplanes, forts, cars, and more!  Enrichment in the areas of personal creativity, following instructions, eye-hand coordination, problem-solving, critical thinking, and learning.


Lego Expert

Ages 9 – 13

9:00 am – 11 am

OTC Room 121 B

Think you have done everything with Legos?  Let a Lego expert teach you otherwise!  Activity-based STEM projects and kits what incorporate physical science and math into one.  Give your creation the most torque and battle in the robotic tournaments.  Use real word team building activities to enhance engineering skills set.  Practice beginning coding you can see, hear, and even chase across the room.  Race against the clock and other teams to be a Lego Expert!


Lego Designer

Ages 5 – 8

11:30 am – 1:30 pm

OTC Room 121 B

Use your Lego skills in ways you haven’t before.  Use a unique collection of Lego kits not found in stores to make your ideas come to life.  Individual and team projects will provide opportunities to expand creativity and social skills while working toward common goals.

Survival Tactics

Ages 7 – 12

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

OTC Room 121 A

Conquer unique challenges using games and adventure.  Learn the four basic survival skills for shelter, water, fire, and food.  Practice purifying water, signaling for help, no trace camping, first aid, searching for edible food, games, and more.  Team survival games keep learning light hearted and fun.  Especially designed for kids who like to work and play outside.