February 13, 2020


CONTACT: Donna Oracion, 575-624-7403

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In conjunction with the New Mexico Department of Health, Chaves County Health Council, DWI Prevention and Education Coalition, and many other community organizations, ENMU-Roswell will host the Maze of Life on campus February 18-20. The event will be held in the Physical Education Center, 52B University Blvd. Every 8th grade student in Chaves County—public school, private school, home school—will participate in the event designed to increase their knowledge of health, education, and future career opportunities.


Each day from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., students will take part in activities and learn how to make important life choices and decisions. Students will visit booths set up by various organizations and businesses on topics like smoking/vaping hazards, suicide and pregnancy prevention, and the consequences of drinking and driving. Students will also learn about health, career/technical, and other academic programs at ENMU-Roswell.


The health department conducts a full model index on data collected in classrooms prior to student participation in the Maze of Life and after students return to their classrooms.