The ENMU-Roswell academic clemency policy allows qualified students to redeem their academic record.
Students who have attempted college work previously and were not successful in their effort and now wish to resume their college careers but are held back by poor academic records may, through the application of academic clemency, exclude from current work the poor academic record under certain conditions.
To be considered for the academic clemency program, a student must have last attended ENMU-Roswell five or more years ago, be readmitted through normal channels, and complete at least 12 hours after returning with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.0 on those hours.
Students who meet these criteria may apply for clemency in the Admissions and Records Office. No courses taken prior to the student’s return will be counted in the ENMU-Roswell GPA. Courses with a grade of “D” or better will be carried forward as earned credit only and can be used to meet degree requirements. Note:
1. This policy pertains to the calculation of the GPA for progress toward degree completion and does not pertain to GPA calculated for professional certification and/or licensing.
2. Students can apply for and benefit from this policy only once, and it is not reversible. Grades earned before clemency remain on the student’s record, and a statement at the time of clemency will explain the action taken.
3. The student who has already graduated may not apply for clemency.