August 5, 2022


CONTACT: Donna Oracion, College Development Director, 575-624-7403

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The Adult Education Program at ENMU-Roswell is receiving additional funding for increasing the number of high school equivalency (HSE) graduates. The Adult Education Division of the New Mexico Higher Education Department (HED) congratulated the program for increasing the percentage of HSE graduates by 216-percent in the just-concluded fiscal year. That is the second highest percentage increase among all 28 programs in the state.

In order to recognize the achievement and incentivize continued efforts toward HSE completions, the HED is awarding the program an additional $10,000 for the coming fiscal year. “These funds come from a $50K recurring appropriation to Adult Education to incentivize HSE completions with a ‘pay for completion’ model,” said Amber Gallup Rodriguez, Director of the NM HED Adult Education Division. “These funds may be used in the 2022-2023 fiscal/program year, in accordance with State Procurement Rules, for activities or purchases related to supporting and building your HSE preparation program.” For example, she said the funds can be used for related software, technology that students need to succeed, advertising and outreach, or tutoring.

“The ENMU-Roswell Adult Education Program is honored to be recognized by the NM Higher Education Department for receiving additional funding to support student learning and promote the enhancement and continued growth of the Roswell community,” said Matthew Rincon, Director, Adult Education at ENMU-Roswell.


The Adult Education (AE) program offers FREE materials and instruction in citizenship, EL Civics, English Literacy (ESL), basic reading, writing, and math skills, and life skills. The program also offers preparation for individuals who want to earn their high school equivalency (HSE) or enter college. All classes are subject to change without prior notice. Instruction is available on an individual, self-paced basis or through on-site classes. For more information, call 575-624-7271 or 575-624-7264.