A violation of a student’s rights may be academic or non-academic depending upon the situation and the circumstances. The process for appealing violations of students’ rights are different and separate and an explanation of the process for each type of violation is provided in corresponding sections of this handbook. Examples of academic and non-academic situation are listed below:

  1. Examples of academic problems:
    1. Accusations of plagiarism or academic dishonesty
    2. Issues related to class attendance
    3. Problems with a course instructor or facilitator
    4. Disagreements regarding course grades
    5. Problems with a course syllabus or course content
  1. Examples of non-academic problems:
    1. Failure to comply with campus behavior standards
    2. Failure to comply with the Drug-Free Campus Policy
    3. Failure to comply with the Smoke-Free Campus Policy
    4. Failure to comply with traffic, parking, or campus safety regulations
    5. Failure to comply with the campus AIDS/Communicable Disease, Student Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, or Computer Use policies