The following brief summary of traffic, parking and safety regulations has been adopted for the benefit of all parties concerned. For detailed information, reference is made in the Policies and Procedures Manual of ENMU-Roswell.

ENMU-Roswell campus security officers have the authority and duty to enforce all applicable traffic laws of the University and the State.

All students are reminded that while on campus they are subject to the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Code and the University traffic regulations. The University utilizes video cameras. If you are involved in a vehicle accident on university property, do not move the vehicle. Call Campus Security at 624-7180 immediately.

ENMU-Roswell assumes no responsibility for damage to motor vehicles or any loss while they are operated or parked on campus. Questions about these regulations need to be referred to the Chief of Security, ENMU-Roswell.

Motor vehicles shall not be left unattended overnight in University parking lots. Any person wishing to leave their motor vehicle overnight must first contact the ENMU-Roswell Campus Security Department and obtain a special overnight parking permit. Any vehicle left unattended without a special permit is subject to being towed at the motor vehicle owner’s expense after 72 hours.

The ENMU-Roswell Campus Security Department provides security and law enforcement for the college. The college employs security officers who are responsible for the college’s security. The security officer may be contacted through the switchboard, or by calling (575) 624¬7180. Preventing crime is a shared responsibility between the college and its campus members.

Please promptly report crime or suspicious activities that occur on campus to a security officer at (575) 624-7180. For emergencies, first call 9-911 followed by notifying the Campus Security at (575) 624-7180.