Teacher Education

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Associate of Science Degree

The Associate of Science (A.S.) degree in Teacher Education transfers into a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program at ENMU and is consistent with the requirements of the Postsecondary Education Articulation Act [21-1B NMSA 1978]. Three A.S. degree options are available:

Teacher Education-Early Childhood Education
Teacher Education-Elementary Education
Teacher Education-Secondary Education

The Associate of Science degree is used statewide by students pursuing a program of study leading to teacher certification. Students who anticipate transferring to one of the New Mexico public universities and majoring in education should follow this module of lower division courses. Check with the transfer institution requirements to select the appropriate courses from Associate of Science degree plan courses. Students who successfully complete this preparatory curriculum for teacher education are strongly advised to take the New Mexico Assessment (NMTA) of Basic Skills before transferring to a university. Admission to most teacher education programs requires successful completion of the Basic Skills portion of the NMTA.