1. Responsible for selecting a program of study that is consistent with his/her interests, skills and abilities.
  2. Responsible for selecting courses that are consistent with his/her program objective and readiness levels.
  3. Responsible for enrolling for a schedule of courses in accordance with the time and effort allocated to academic requirements.
  4. Responsible for being punctual and attending classes.
  5. Responsible for being attentive and for appropriately participating in class activities.
  6. Responsible for completing all class assignments as directed by the instructor.
  7. Responsible for consulting with the instructor as soon as possible if problems arise.
  8. Responsible for complying with official announcements.
  9. Responsible for seeking appropriate support services, to improve his/her level of academic achievement and to enhance the quality of college life.
  10. Responsible for behaving in a humane, ethical and unbiased manner both in the classroom and in all communication and contact with the instructor, other staff members and other students.