Student fundraising projects must be scheduled through the Club Sponsor/Advisor and then approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

The following conditions should be tentatively considered by the organization prior to seeking approval:

  • Projects must be scheduled one week prior to the activity and before any financial commitment is made. Provide the following information:
    • The type of activity;
    • Purpose of activity;
    • Location, date and time of activity;
    • The number of fundraising activities by the requestor during the academic year;
  • Approval by the Vice President for Student Affairs for instructional activities;
  • Approval by the organization’s sponsor and/or advisor;
  • Approval by other areas involved – Food Services, Academics, Campus Security, etc.

NOTE: “TICKET SALES” relating to solicitations of donations will not be approved as fundraising projects. Projects of a service nature to the University or community are recommended. In all cases, fundraising projects must be legal and the type of event should reflect favorably upon the organization and the University.