September 22, 2017


CONTACT: Donna Oracion, 575-624-7403



 The Media Arts Program at ENMU-Roswell is the recipient of a large financial donation from the Refundable Film Production Tax Credit. Turner North Center Productions, “Monsters of God” Pilot in Burbank, CA, has contributed $15,000 to the Media Arts Program through the New Mexico Film-Production Incentive Giveback project.  ENMU-Roswell Media Arts instructor/coordinator, Alan Trever, said the donation will be used to purchase updated film equipment and a new camera package. “I feel very thankful,” said Trever. “This will be great for our students and will help with their training on real world equipment.”

The rapidly developing technologies, skills and applications taught within the Media Arts Program prepare students for careers in the film industry and in graphic and commercial arts, publishing, advertising, and communications. Three Media Arts tracks are available: Film Technology, Animation, and Graphic Design.

The success of the program at ENMU-Roswell has resulted in several feature films being shot in southeastern New Mexico. Students in the program have worked on several big Hollywood films, including Terminator Salvation, No Country for Old Men, and Men Who Stare at Goats, just to name a few. Trever said graduates of the program have gone in many directions. Some have started their own graphic design companies and others have moved on to earn higher degrees in film production. For more information about the program, contact Trever at 575-624-7045.

The Refundable Film Production Tax Credit promotes and encourages hiring residents of New Mexico. When that is not possible and a production company hires a non-resident crew, a giveback requirement of either a donation to an educational institution’s film program and/or a promotional contribution will be made. “Each film program in schools and universities across the state of New Mexico get an opportunity throughout the year to receive these donations,” said Rochelle Bussey, New Mexico State Film Office, Sr. Manager of Operations and Workforce Development Programs. “It is a wonderful way for our NM students to benefit from outside productions. Everyone wins.”