ENMU-Roswell's Student Business Accelerator

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Phone: 575-624-7335 • 575-624-7236 

Hours of Operation:

                               Tuesday – Friday   1 pm – 7 pm


Studio G

iCenter Policies and ProceduresStudio G Application

The Mission of the ENMU-Roswell iCenter is to support STEM and General Education students, faculty, and the community in the exploration, investigation, and production of material research using wood, metals, plastics, vinyl and other materials.

The iCenter was funded through a $2.9 million federal Title III-STEM grant in 2017 and is equipped with state of the art computers and equipment not readily available to students, faculty and community members. The labs are overseen by a Director and are staffed by the iCenter Coordinator and students, who instruct and guide members in the use of the equipment.

The Six Studios of the play an integral role in student innovation, faculty research and community support/partnerships in the planning, prototyping, producing and presenting of innovative and creative designs and products.

  • Studio A-Sign-In/Registration area
  • Studio B-Media Arts and Computer Assisted Drawing “CAD” area
  • Studio C-Tech area with laser engraver, 3D printing, vinyl printing, robotics center, fabric rooms, and collaboration center
  • Studio D-Wood production area
  • Studio E-Metal production and powder coating/paint booth area
  • Studio F-Presentation Hall in room 124

Safety Classes

  • Location: Studio C
  • Time: Wednesdays, 5:30pm to 7:00pm