March 7, 2017


CONTACT: Donna Oracion, 575-624-7403



            Health Education students at ENMU-Roswell are experiencing a new virtual reality platform in the Regional Medical Simulation Center (RMSC) on campus. The zSpace Studio is a rich model exploration and presentation tool that allows students to compare, dissect, analyze, measure, annotate and explore thousands of 3D models from the zSpace Model Gallery or 3D models created by students.

 This virtual reality platform uses haptics (touch and force feedback for interacting with virtual objects), 3-D technology and virtual reality to bring objects to life. “Using zSpace can be best described as the character, Tony Stark, in Iron Man taking the blue prints apart after he got back from the desert, but here we use 3D glasses and a stylus,” said John Bitner, Medical Simulation coordinator. “You are able to take a 3D model of the heart and manipulate it in several ways, you can grab the heart, spin it, make it larger, and even dissect the individual parts. Each part, when touched, is identified by a label describing what it is. zSpace can also be used in the lab and taken to the classroom with augmented 3D to demonstrate different parts of the 3D models.”

             Bitner said students can also sign in to the lab and use the models on their own time to reinforce the information they have obtained in the classroom. Instructors can also create lessons for students to go through saving their work and uploading to the Blackboard online learning system.

 The Health Education programs in the Health Sciences Center are currently the only areas using the zSpace system but Bitner said hopefully in the future, it can be expanded for use by other programs on campus. “There are other applications that would allow programs like Automotive Technology to dissect a V8 engine without ever picking up a wrench,” Bitner said. For more information about the zSpace technology or the RMSC, contact John Bitner at 575-624-7435.