It is the responsibility of instructors to determine what constitutes academic dishonesty and identify its occurrence. Although the following procedures represent potential penalties for academic dishonesty, instructors have the responsibility to enforce policies distinct to their classes, programs, and/or academic departments. Students should refer to individual course syllabi for instructors’ policies regarding Academic Dishonesty.

Any student aiding another student in academic dishonesty will be potentially subject to the following actions. Students who help other students cheat, plagiarize, or perform other acts of academic dishonesty are as responsible as the students who take and use the information. Written records documenting academic dishonesty, provided by the instructor, will be added to the student’s permanent file in the Office of Admissions and Records.

For an offense of academic dishonesty, one or all of the following actions may be taken:

  1. The student will receive zero credit for the assignment(s).
  2. The student, if enrolled in an online course not already requiring monitored testing, will be required to complete assessments in a proctored environment approved by the instructor. It is the student’s responsibility to find an eligible proctor.
  3. The student will sign, and thereby agrees to, a written statement listing the consequences for further acts of academic dishonesty either in the current course or any other courses taken at ENMU- Roswell.*

*If a student is involved in a second act of academic dishonesty, determined by review of the student’s Admissions and Records file by the Vice President for Student Affairs, the case will be forwarded to the Academic Standards Committee. This body will review the prior and current acts of academic dishonesty and assign appropriate penalties; student appeals of the Academic Standards Committees ruling should be directed to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and also the Vice President for Student Affairs.

  1. The student will be removed from the course in which the infraction occurred and will receive a semester grade of F. Note: Avoiding a grade of F through a withdrawal will not be allowed.
  2. The student will be administratively withdrawn from all coursework for the remainder of the semester except the course in which the infraction occurred where a grade of F will be assigned.*

*The instructor reserves the right to have a student removed from his or her class; however, the power to remove a student from the University resides with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Student Affairs therefore, a student must meet with these individuals if a faculty member requests that the student be suspended from the University.