Concurrent Enrollment

Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment Programs

ENMU-Roswell’s dual credit and concurrent enrollment programs provide an opportunity for high school students to take college level courses taught by ENMU-Roswell faculty at various sites or through distance education.

Dual credit courses accrue both high school and college credit and are open only to public schools, state charter schools, and other state-supported schools. Concurrent enrollment courses may be for college credit only, high school credit only, or both. Students must submit the correct forms to the ENMU-Roswell Director of Enrollment Management before the start of each semester. For more information, call (575) 624-7168.

Students who are enrolled in dual credit classes and/or concurrent enrollment classes are required to furnish a copy of their final high school transcript, with the graduation date posted, to ENMU-Roswell. Students who have not yet entered high school are not allowed to enroll in ENMU-Roswell courses without permission of the school district officials, the appropriate ENMU-Roswell assistant vice president, the vice president for Student Affairs, and the vice president for Academic Affairs. Only high school students enrolled in a public school, a charter school, or other state-supported schools, are eligible for dual credit. Please contact the high school counselor to determine eligibility for dual credit.

Concurrent Enrollment for Students in the Home School program

High school students enrolled in a home school program, who want to enroll concurrently at ENMU-Roswell, must provide appropriate documentation that they are registered with the state of New Mexico as a home school student before registering for classes. The person validating their home school work must sign as the student’s counselor.

Concurrent Enrollment for Students in a High School Equivalency Program

Students enrolled in a high school equivalency program who want to enroll concurrently at ENMU-Roswell must be certified by the Adult Education (AE) Director as having academic ability sufficient to perform at the level required for the courses in which they wish to enroll.

Concurrent Enrollment with Other ENMU Campuses

Students may enroll concurrently in lower-division courses at any ENMU campus without special approval. However, it is strongly recommended that degree-seeking students establish a degree plan in their field of study with the Portales Campus.