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ENMU-Roswell offers an Associate of Science degree in Biology.

This degree provides the foundations needed for the completion of a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at a four year institution. Coursework is broad enough that students may specialize in premedical studies, ecology, biotechnology, or secondary education with a science teaching emphasis.

Program Learning Outcomes

In addition to supporting institutional learning outcomes and building upon the foundational general education outcomes, upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how scientific knowledge is constructed and how this process relies on evidence rather than opinions or beliefs.
  • Apply critical thinking and an understanding of biological and chemical concepts and principles to explain complex processes of the natural world.
  • Analyze and interpret scientific information in various forms, including text, graphs, tables, and figures.
  • Convey scientific explanations using proper written and oral English.
  • Perform scientific investigations using appropriate experimental design, methodology and laboratory techniques.