ENMU-Roswell recognizes that students or employees with communicable diseases, including AIDS, may wish to engage in as many of their normal pursuits as their condition and ability to perform their duties allow, including attending classes or working.

As long as these students or employees are able to meet acceptable performance standards and medical evidence indicates that their conditions are not a threat to themselves or others, the administration of the University should be sensitive to their condition and ensure that they are treated consistently and equally with other students and employees. At the same time, ENMU-Roswell has an obligation to provide a safe environment for all students and employees.

Students or employees with a communicable disease are required to report the condition to their supervisor or to the Vice President for Student Affairs as appropriate. Failure to inform the University may result in dismissal of the students or employees from the University. Every precaution should be taken to ensure that a student or employee’s condition does not present a health and/or safety threat to others.

The fact that students or employees have a communicable disease does not relieve them of the requirement to comply with performance standards as long as they enroll in classes or remain employed with the University. All efforts will be made to protect the student or employee’s rights to confidentiality.