January 8, 2019
CONTACT: Donna Oracion, 575-624-7403


Accounting students at ENMU-Roswell will now be able to earn QuickBooks Certification on campus. The first two Accounting 210 students took and passed the QuickBooks Certified User exam this past fall semester.

The exam is now available thanks to Carol Dutchover, Accounting instructor. In May of last year, she attended the annual conference for Teachers of Accounting at Two Year Colleges, TACTYC. One of the workshops was taught by Certiport, the proctored testing company for the QuickBooks Certification exams. “During the Certiport workshop, I learned QuickBooks instructors are able to become proctors for the QuickBooks Certified User Exam. So I made becoming a proctor one of by teaching goals for 2018. I also promoted the certification exam in my ACCT 210, QuickBooks Accounting class.”

Dutchover was able to become a Certiport proctor and administrator and worked with the campus computer helpdesk to get the required software installed. “This allowed my students to take their exam on our campus. The closest testing centers had previously been three hours away. I plan to require all QuickBooks Accounting students to take this certification exam in future semesters.”

One of the students who passed the exam is Angela Gutierrez (pictured second). The QuickBooks class was the second accounting class she completed at ENMU-Roswell. She said the test was tough, but taking a practice test first helped her to be ready for the timed exam. Gutierrez, 55, retired from state government several years ago but returned to college seeking a new career. “I like the field,” she said. “I should have done this a long time ago, but it’s never too late.” Gutierrez plans to take additional classes this spring semester and expects to graduate with her Certificate of Bookkeeping/Accounting in May.

Ellen DeGroot, (pictured at top) who just turned 50, is also very happy she passed the exam. Several years ago, she retired from her profession as a physician’s assistant to raise her children. Last fall, she decided to enroll at ENMU-Roswell and take her first accounting and basic computer classes. DeGroot said the QuickBooks class was her hardest class because she was not familiar with the field and doesn’t use QuickBooks every day. “But I feel more qualified now,” she said. “It was a great experience and I look forward to this next semester.” DeGroot will be taking additional accounting classes online to earn her Bookkeeping/Accounting Certificate. She will also be completing an internship to become certified through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program to do basic tax returns with a site administrator.

Accounting classes offered this spring semester are Principals of Accounting, Basic Income Tax, and Payroll Accounting. Spring classes start January 14. For more information, contact Dutchover at 575-624-7329.