May 9, 2019


CONTACT: Dusty Baker, 575-624-7318





The second annual ENMU-Roswell Welding department banquet was held on May 9 at the welding facilities on campus. Welding students enrolled in the program were invited to attend. “Throughout the semester, welding students practice and attempt to pass different welding qualification tests,” said Dusty Baker, Welding instructor. “Once students pass a qualification weld test by either AWS, API or ASME welding codes, they will receive a certification paper stating they passed that specified weld test. There were a total of 60 certifications awarded at this year’s banquet.”

Baker said two runner-up recipients were selected for the Lovejoy Excellence in Welding award. They were presented to Guadalupe Ortiz-Soto and Hayden Grant. They each received a certificate for their achievements. The winner of the Lovejoy Excellence in Welding Award went to Michael Sais, who has proven to be a dedicated, hardworking individual. Sais expects to graduate next spring with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Welding Technology. Sais received a plaque and a certificate for his achievements.

The evening ended with students playing welding games such as Welding trivia hang man where the students have to answer a general knowledge welding question correctly before they can go into a booth and weld a piece of their hang man together. The first one to complete their hang man wins. Another game was called “The Weakest Link,” where students weld chain links together in a straight line. Weight is then applied until it breaks. The student with the most weight wins. Students also participated in the Print Reading Challenge where students call out the weld symbol that flashes on the board. They have 30 seconds to name as many as possible. “A big thank you to Michael Lovejoy for the funds to put this together and helping with the ideas for the games,” said Baker. “Next year, the welding department is planning on inviting area related industry companies to participate in this event in order to connect students with industry.” For more information about the Welding Technology Program, call Baker at 575-624-7318.