What is Distance Education?

Distance Education is simply learning from a distance, usually from home, or from a conveniently located off-campus site. Distance Education allows students to earn college credits, even entire degrees, usually without ever leaving home.

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a Web-based course management system that allows faculty to create Web sites for courses that enhance or deliver course instruction. Students enrolled in courses supported with Blackboard have access to support materials posted by the instructor (using syllabi and assignments), links to Web-based materials, discussion boards and chat rooms, and online quizzing. Each instructor customizes his or her course, using a variety of "tools" as mentioned above.

What is ITV?

ITV uses video technology to connect to the classroom. Instructors and students are connected in a live video and audio conference at scheduled times and locations. Courses using this technology are identified in the schedule. Students may register for and attend classes at the most convenient campus. ITV students see their instructor on a large screen in the ITV classrooms. Students can also see fellow students attending class at different locations on the classroom screen. The instructor also sees students throughout the class. Classes are led by an instructor from a primary classroom and broadcast to the other locations, called remote sites. Each room is equipped with cameras, monitors and voice-activated microphones, allowing real-time communication between sites.