ENMU-Roswell Sunshine Portal (Sole Source Procurement List)

28Continued use and support of the Compass system, consisting of academic data, assistance with progress reports, statistical data analysis, data hosting, and survey development and compilation Steve Markl$26800.00CoBro_21_Aug_14.pdf

32Online student tutoring services, assessments and reporting.Steve Markl$62000.00Smarthinking (28 Aug 14).pdf

33Laerdal SimMan 3G and Accessories.Marc Nason$111850.57Laerdal (15 Oct 2014).pdf

34SimMom with link box, multi-venous arm, intro course & warrantyTodd DeKay$52716.87SimMom (Laerdal).pdf

35SimNewB with cords, IO leg rep., scenarios and warranty.Todd DeKay$29169.00SimNewB (Laerdal).pdf

36Sim. Setup/Connection/Testing/Review and Warranty of Server, Network Camera, and Microphone.Dyan Ellington$31072.10Laerdal SIM Setup (29 Jun 2015).pdf
SIM Setup SS (29 Jun 2015).pdf
SIM Setup SS (Laerdal-29 Jun 2015).pdf

38Provide student academic data, assist with reports, maintain Compass system, statistical data analysis, compile survey data and develop/distribute and compile surveys.Liz Novak$26800.00CoBro Consulting (01 Oct 2015).pdf