New Student Email (Microsoft Outlook 365)

You will be expected to use your ENMU-Roswell email account for all official communications with ENMU-Roswell offices.

Activating your Email Account

  1. After you have been admitted to ENMU-Roswell (process will take up to 24 hours), and you have successfully registered for your courses, you will receive an ENMU-Roswell email account. 
  2. Activate your email account and get your user name and password by following the directions at 
  3. Log in to your account and check your email at: or you may log in here:

    Microsoft Outlook Student Email will give you access to your student email, online storage space, and Microsoft Office 365.

    Login to your Outlook Student Email account.

    Need more help? Download this PDF and follow the instructions: Email Activation and Use Help Document