The Educational Opportunity Center provides eligible adults who seek to enter or continue a program of post secondary education, with information about educational and career opportunities. Educational Opportunity Center (E.O.C.) is a federally funded program to assist adults with admissions and the financial aid process needed to fulfill educational goals.

Services provided by the program:

  • Academic, Financial and Personal counseling
  • Career exploration and aptitude assessment services
  • Assistance with the re - entry process to high school or college
  • Information on student financial assistance
  • Assistance in completing applications for college admission, testing, and financial aid

The Educational Opportunity Center assists with: GED, ABE, and ESL Enrollment. Over fifteen classes in more than ten locations offer adults assistance in obtaining a General Education Degree, Adult Basic Education, or instruction in English as a Second Language.

Admission and Financial Aid Preparation. EOC assists in gathering appropriate information, arranging testing and preparing documentation necessary for admission to the student's choice of trade or vocational school, college or university.

Counseling. EOC offers motivational, academic, and career counseling. A needs assessment is made; enrollment is encouraged and tutorial assistance is provided to strengthen academic skills. EOC is committed to your success every step of the way - entrance, retention, and graduation from the postsecondary program of your choice.