Any ENMU-Roswell student group officially recognized by the University is declared to be a student organization and is subject to the Clubs, organizations, and Advisor Handbook.  Initial recognition of a student organization constitutes approval of its proposed program and purposes (constitution).  Recognition is a charter to exist and continued recognition may be withdrawn or suspended by the Vice President of Student Affairs. Recognition by ENMU-Roswell gives a student organization/club the right to use the name of ENMU-Roswell and in turn implies the responsibility of the organization to use the name wisely. Recognized organizations may use facilities according to established policies.

Each organization needs to apply for recognition through the College Development Office.  The organization will be asked to complete and turn in a copy of its proposed constitution, by-laws and an organizational application form, all provided on the ENMU-Roswell Website. Its purposes shall be compatible with the philosophy and educational objectives of ENMU-Roswell.  It shall agree to submit to the College Development Administrator an annual organization application form.  Any changes in the constitution of a student organization must be reviewed and approved by the Student Organizational Review Committee (an ad hoc committee formed to review student issues) before they become effective.

Student Clubs and organizations are encouraged to participate in activities sponsored by the College Development Office.

The application form and handbook can be accessed via the ENMU-Roswell web site. Please submit forms at the College Development Office.  For more information, contact (575)624-7404.


A current list of ENMU-Roswell Clubs and Organizations includes:

A.C.E.S. (Ambassadors for College Educational Success)- The official student organization at ENMU-Roswell is the A.C.E.S Committee. The mission of the committee is to represent the opinions of the student body to the faculty and the administration of Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell and to organize social and educational activities to benefit both the students and the local community. This organization is authorized to speak for the student body, to supervise the expenditures of student activity fees and to develop a program of student activities and services consistent with the mission of the institution. The nature of those student activities is subject to approval by the College Development Office. All student fee expenditures are subject to approval by the College Development Office.

ACTIVITIES ALLIANCE - Committee members provide and organize music, arts, and activities to students and community members. 

AMERICAN DENTAL HYGIENE ASSOCIATION STUDENT CHAPTER - The purpose of the organization is to cultivate, promote, and sustain the art and science of dental hygiene, to represent and to contribute toward the improvement of oral health to the public.

ART CLUB – An organization seeking to promote interest, understanding and participation in the arts.

CATCHY NAME MUSIC CLUB - The purpose of the music club is to foster a sense of community for student musicians.

Circle K (CKI) - The goal of this organization is to develop college students into responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service, and to provide opportunities for fellowship, personal growth, professional development, and leadership skills. The motto of this club and of CKI is “Live to Serve, Love to Serve.”

DRAMA CLUB – Provides students a place to foster and advance their interest in theater.

LITERARY GUILD - The literary guild student club promotes campus events revolving around literature and literacy. Students will engage in the creativity of thought through reading and creative writing.

SIERRA VISTA VILLAGE DORM COUNCIL – The council promotes social and recreational activities, academic achievement and assists residents with compliance to the residence hall regulations, for the welfare of all residents. 

ELECTRONICS CLUB – Students will learn hands-on electronics skills through repairing, manufacturing, and designing electronic group projects.

PHI THETA KAPPA – This organization recognizes and encourages scholarship among two-year college students. To fulfill this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa provides an outlet for leadership development, fellowship among student members, community service, and continuing academic excellence.

MEDICAL ASSISTING STUDENT ASSOCIATION – An organization designed to increase the knowledge and professionalism of it members. The group also hosts various fund raising activities to raise funds to attend the State Convention for educational sessions.

NAVIGATORS - The purpose of the organization is to provide students with bible study, and fellowship on campus.  

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ASSISTANT CLUB – This club is designed to further promote ENMU-Roswell’s Occupational Therapy Assistant program and aid the student in deriving the greatest understanding and enjoyment from the OT program.

OUTRUN FEAR ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITTEE – The committee is designed to organize events and to build awareness of the Chaves County Cancer Fund.

RESPIRATORY THERAPY STUDENT ASSOCIATION – This is an organization established to foster fellowship and professionalism among all respiratory therapy students in the program.

SKILLS USA – This organization gives students access to career resources and contacts with various industries and businesses.  Skills USA, prepares students for the work force with leaderships skills and a competitive spirit.

STUDENT NURSES' ASSOCIATION – ENMU-Roswell's Student Nurses' Association (S.N.A.) is an organization established to foster fellowship and professionalism among all nursing students in the program.  Leadership opportunities in S.N.A. are numerous for both freshman and sophomore students.  Officers are elected every year and there is a nursing faculty sponsor.

THE SATELLITE – A UNITED METHODIST CAMPUS MINISTRY – The organization provides a study space, fellowship, FOOD, films, discussion, Bible study and Worship. It is located at 144 Earl Cummings Loop just north of the fire station, south of the Health Science Center, and west of the airport terminal building.

UNITY GAMES CLUB - Do you like to play games and just have fun?  Unity Games Club is an organization developed to bring students together to play various board games and video games.  There will be tournaments and other fun activities in place for students. 

ENMU-Roswell encourages students with interests not represented in this list to work with the Student Activity Board in establishing additional associations.  To be a part of an ENMU-Roswell Student Organization contact the College Development Development Office at (575)624-7404.