2015-2016 Work-Study Process:
Work-study Process Guide
Federal and State Workstudy Guidelines:
Work-study Process Guide
Work-Study Evaluation Sheet:
Work-study Process Guide


Under the federal and state work-study programs, students can work part time to earn money for their education.  The work-study programs:

  • Provide part-time employment while students are enrolled in school.
  • Help pay students' educational expenses.
  • Are available to full or part-time students.
  • Encourages community service work and work related to student's course of study whenever possible.
  • Are available to undergraduate students

How do I apply for work-study?

You apply for work-study funds by completing the FAFSA prior to the upcoming school year. If you indicate on the application that you want work-study, you will be offered work-study if funds are available at the time your file is completed.  Funds are limited and awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If you are not offered work-study, you can complete and submit a work-study request form in the Financial Aid Office.

How will I be notified of my work-study eligibility?

You will be notified of your work-study award through the award notification notice sent to your student email account.

What do I do after I get awarded work study?

View the Work-Study Process PDF posted above for detailed information regarding the placement process and viewing available employment opportunities. Please note that students will be required to complete a mandatory work-study training session and will be required to abide by the work-study guidelines (posted above) in order to maintain work-study eligibility.

Click on the link listed below to view available work-study employment opportunities.


View Work-study Employment Opportunities Online!

You can view the job descriptions for the various departments that have available positions.

You Can Also View Your Work-study Balances Online!

Students can view work-study balances and must have their User ID and PIN.

Each listing will have details about that position, as provided by the hiring department. Not all departments post available positions so you may inquire in various departments on campus. Students viewing work-study balances must have their User ID and PIN provided by the Admissions Office.

How do I cancel my work-study?

If you are awarded work-study and do not plan to use it, please cancel the work-study award by contacting the Student Financial Aid office at (575) 624-7400 or send an email to financialaid@roswell.enmu.edu