These regulations are provided to you as a necessary information bulletin. The purpose of these Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell Motor Vehicle Regulations is to govern vehicle operations and parking at ENMU-Roswell and to provide students, faculty, staff and visitors of ENMU-Roswell with safe and efficient parking.

Students, faculty and staff are expected to be familiar with and abide by ENMU-Roswell Motor Vehicle and Parking Regulations in addition to current New Mexico State Statutes governing motor vehicles. These regulations are in effect 24 hours per day regardless of season. Strict adherence to all regulations is required to protect pedestrians, property and vehicles, and to provide access for emergency vehicles. The ENMU-Roswell Campus Security Department has jurisdiction pursuant to Sections 29-5-1 and 21-14-10 NMSA 1978 to enforce these regulations, including the right to ticket or remove any vehicle(s) operated or parked in violation of the regulations. The vehicle permit holder will be responsible to pay ticket, towing, and storage charges. If a vehicle is illegally parked and does not have a violation notice, that does not mean these regulations have been waived or are no longer in effect.

Regulations and Procedures


These policies, regulations, practices and procedures will be administered by the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA), with assistance from the ENMU-Roswell Campus Security Department.

Speed Limits and Moving Violations

All streets are now 20mph and considered School Zones (i.e. University Blvd, Mathis Street and Martin Street). Speed limit and other traffic violators will be cited a $5.00 ticket per violation, which will be paid at the Cashier's Office.

Parking Regulations

Vehicle Registrations

  • All motor vehicles, including motorcycles, must have a valid and current ENMU-Roswell parking permit to park on Campus at any time. The permits are self-adhesive and are properly displayed when affixed with the provided adhesive to the front window of the vehicle in the lower left corner (driver’s side). Expired parking permits must be removed prior to the new permit being placed on the vehicle. Alternative placement for vehicles with hanging parking placards is on the rearview mirror. This alternative placement also applies to all vehicles equipped in a way that prevents proper placement of the sticker. Motorcycle placement of parking sticker is on the front forks of the bike. There are no other exceptions.
  • Students, faculty and staff must obtain parking permits in person at the ENMU-Roswell Campus Security Department. You will need your vehicle registration and an ENMU-Roswell student/staff/ faculty ID to obtain a permit. New Mexico Highlands University/ENMU Portales students must provide student ID to obtain a parking permit. A permit authorizes the vehicle to park on ENMU-Roswell property in accordance with these regulations, but it does not guarantee a specific parking place. If an ENMU-Roswell employee or student has more than one vehicle that might be driven on Campus, the additional vehicle must also be registered.
  • The validation period for student, faculty, staff, and community members is one (1) Academic year (August – August).
  • Bicycles do not require a permit. However, it is recommended bicycles be registered with the ENMU-Roswell Campus Security Department to enhance the chance to recovery should the bicycle be stolen.
  • Visitor parking will be designated in each parking lot, and if a special parking permit is required, one can be issued by the ENMU-Roswell Campus Security Department at no charge. Visitor parking is for visitors only. Special permits will be limited to the place(s), dates and times written on the permit.
  • Temporary permits may be obtained at the ENMU-Roswell Campus Security Department, as well as, the ENMU-Roswell homepage located in the top right hand corner.  This permit is no charge to persons who have temporary business on campus, but are not regularly associated with ENMU-Roswell.  Temporary permits will specify date and time limits for validation on the permit.  Individuals who would utilize temporary permits would be those persons contracted by ENMU-Roswell to perform construction, maintenance, or utility work for a limited time and who are not considered regular employees.  Temporary permits can also be obtained for students, faculty, staff and community members who are driving a different vehicle due to unforeseen circumstances (for example, persons whose vehicle is inoperable, who are using a rental car, or who still have temporary tags from the purchase of a new vehicle)
  • Students who intentionally falsify or misrepresent information on the parking permit application may be referred to the appropriate ENMU-Roswell authority for formal adjudication procedures for violation(s) of the student code of conduct. Such persons will not be issued a parking permit or, if a permit has been issued, the permit will be revoked.

Where to Park-Parking Lots

  • General Use: All ENMU-Roswell parking lots will be generally open for parking to students, faculty and staff displaying valid and current ENMU-Roswell perking permits on the vehicle(s). Parking lots may be closed for a limited time by law enforcement and/or ENMU-Roswell officials for general maintenance, construction, and/or special event purposes.
  • Swimming Pool Parking: Lot is open parking and does not require a parking permit.
  • Special Events: Parking lots may be opened for general use without permits for the duration of any special events (e.g. community, graduation ceremonies and/or theatre events).
  • Curbs and Signs: Regulations regarding curb markings and signs are in effect in all parking lots. Parking at painted curbs that do not have sign postage prohibiting or specifying parking will still constitute a violation. Parking in areas that have sign postage prohibiting or specifying parking but do not have painted curbs will still constitute a violation.
  • Solar Panel Covered Parking: Located in Parking Lot D, any permit holder may purchase a space under the Solar Panels for $50 per year.  After payment is received, bring your receipt to the Security office to choose your space, among those available.

Where Not to Park

Painted Curbs

  • Red Curbs: These are designated as fire lanes. Vehicles are subject to impoundment.
  • Yellow Curbs: These are safety zones. Do not park in these zones.
  • Blue Curbs: These are handicapped zones. Do not park, except with valid handicap parking permit or a temporary school handicap permit issued by the Office of Students with Disabilities.
  • White Curbs: These are designated spaces for ENMU-Roswell maintenance vehicles only. Do not park in these zones.
  • Green Curbs: Visitor Parking
  • Any and All Signs Prohibiting or Specifying Parking

General Regulations

  • The registered holder of the ENMU-Roswell parking permit will be held responsible for proper parking of a vehicle, regardless of who may be the operator.
  • Vehicles will not be parked on grass, vegetation or ENMU-Roswell sidewalks.
  • For parallel parking, vehicle must be parked no more than 18 inches from the curb. The vehicle must be parked facing the same direction as the traffic flow.
  • The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of space is not considered an excuse for violation of any parking regulation.
  • Any person who repeatedly violates the parking regulations of ENMU-Roswell is subject to:
  • First Offense-Warning
  • Second Offense-Ticket
  • Third Offense-Towing of Vehicle
  • Continued failure to abide by ENMU-Roswell Motor Vehicle regulations will result in the vehicle being barred from Campus.
  • The registered holder of the ENMU-Roswell parking permit is responsible for paying all costs and any fines levied.
  • ENMU-Roswell assumes no responsibility for damage to motor vehicles, theft or any other loss for any reason while a vehicle is operated or parked on Campus.
  • Inoperable vehicles or vehicles that are abandoned are subject to impoundment after 72 hours notice has been received. The vehicle operator will be responsible for any towing and/or storage charges.

Suspension of Privilege to Drive and Park on Campus

When a permit holder has accumulated three or more parking violations, ENMU-Roswell Campus Security Department may prohibit the permit holder from driving or parking on campus for a period of 30 days. At the end of the period, he/she will be eligible to apply for reinstatement of all driving and parking privileges. Any person who drives or parks on Campus while on suspension may have his/her driving privileges on Campus property suspended for the entire semester.

Motorcycle, Motorbike, and Motor Scooter Regulation

These vehicles are subject to the same regulations as four-wheeled motor vehicles.

  • These vehicles may not be parked in entryways, on sidewalks or on pedestrian paths, and must not be stored in ENMU-Roswell buildings.
  • These vehicles may not be driven on any walkway, road or driveway not authorized for use by a four-wheeled vehicle.
  • Motorcycle parking has been provided at ENMU-Roswell, and when it is reasonable and feasible a motorcycle will be parked in a parking place designated for motorcycles and not those utilized by full-sized vehicles.

Citations and Payment

  • ENMU-Roswell Campus Security Department officers and student employees assigned to parking enforcement duties are authorized to issue parking citations for violations of ENMU-Roswell parking regulations.
  • Any person who receives a parking citation is required to pay the citation at the ENMU-Roswell Cashier’s Office, located at 52 University Blvd., Student Services Building, no later than five days from the date of the citation.
  • Failure to pay the fine will result in banning the vehicle from parking on Campus and will result in         a hold being put on student’s transcripts. Employees who fail to pay fines will be referred to the     Vice President for Business Affairs (VPBA).
  • Non-student, faculty and staff personnel who fail to pay fines may have his/her ENMU-Roswell            privileges revoked and/or be referred to the VPBA.


  • Parking Citation Appeal Form (PDF)
  • A Parking Appeals Board will be appointed by the ENMU-Roswell Provost to make recommendations to the VPSA and hear appeals of parking citations. The board will be composed of students, faculty and staff and will have at least three members.
  • All parking citations may be appealed to the Parking Appeals Board.

Parking Citation Appeal Procedure

  • A Notice of Appeal form may be obtained from the ENMU-Roswell Campus Security Department. An appeal form must be completed within 5 business days of the original citation date. Appeal requests after the original due date will not be honored.
  • The Notice of Appeal form must be signed and returned to the ENMU-Roswell Campus Security Department. When a sufficient number of appeals are requested (minimum of five), the Appeals Board will be convened. The appellant will be notified of the time, date and location that his/her appeal will be heard.
  • If the Appeals Board determines that the citation was not properly issued, it will order a reimbursement of the fine paid by the appellant. If the board determines that the citation was properly issued, the fine will remain the property of ENMU-Roswell as payment for the citation. 

Regulation Adoption and Application

The Eastern New Mexico University Board of Regents has adopted these rules and regulations for the control of vehicles on the Campus of Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell in order to promote the safety and convenience of faculty, staff, students, and visitors, and to facilitate the general operation of ENMU-Roswell. These regulations will apply to all property owned and controlled by ENMU-Roswell.

Parking Violations and Fines
Failure to register $5
Failure to display permit $5
Improper transfer of permit   $5
Using fictitious, altered, stolen or lost permit $5
Parking at yellow curb $5 Parking in fire lane (red curb) $5
Parking in maintenance zone $5
Parking in handicapped zone  $5
Parking in no parking zone $5
Overtime parking $5
Parking in service area  $5
Obstructing driveway or walkway $5
Double parking $5
Parking against flow of traffic  $5
Parking in such a manner as to take the space of two vehicles $5
Parking on grass or sidewalk $5
Violation of posted parking sign $5
Obstruction of trash container  $5
Other violations not defined $5

ENMU-Roswell Campus Security Department
5 MARS Rd.
Roswell, NM 88203
Phone: 575.624.7180
Fax: 575.624.7099

Security Office (24/7): 575-624-7180

Safety Office (8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.): (575) 624-7062

Safety/Security Director's Office (7:00a.m.-5:00p.m.): 575-624-7110

Safety/Security Director's Cell: 575-626-7597