5 MARS Road, located between RIC and RITC buildings


Campus safety/security reports to the Vice President of Student Affairs.  The ENMU-R Security/Safety staff consists of the Captain (Director of Security) and four University Security Officers (USO). The department also employs up to twelve Student Security Officers (SSO).   Security personnel perform foot and vehicle patrols of the entire campus and Residence Hall areas daily. Campus Safety/Security is on duty 24 hours a day from, 7 days a week including holidays. ENMU-R works very closely with the NM State Police (who are our first responders) as well as the Chaves County Sheriff's Department & the Roswell Police Department. All law enforcement requirements are handled by these entities. Campus Safety/Security serves as a deterrent to ENMU-R rule violations. These rules are stated clearly in the Student Handbook. Security personnel also assist with the investigation of personal injury incidents/accidents that may occur on campus. ENMU-R Safety/Security personnel investigate violations of the student code of conduct. The investigations of these violations of the student code of conduct are turned over to the Vice President of Student Affairs. ENMU-R security personnel also promote safety on the campus and secure campus facilities.


Faculty, staff, & students are encouraged to report any occurrence of crime immediately. Any criminal activity or emergency can be reported to Campus Security personnel or the NM State Police. If a call is reported to the State Police, immediately notify Campus Safety/Security. Upon receipt of a call, Campus Safety/Security will respond to the site of the complaint. If a criminal act has been committed, the NM State Police or Chaves County Sheriff's Dept. will be called. These agencies along with Campus Security personnel will prepare & submit criminal incident reports. The Safety/Security Department can be contacted 24 hours a day and by phone at 624-7180, 624-7181 or by cell phone at 317-6179. The Campus Switchboard Operator can also contact the Security Department and can be reached at 624-7000 during normal business hours, 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday thru Thursday and 8:00 am to Noon on Fridays. The NM State Police can be reached at 622-7200, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Chaves County Sheriff's Dept. can also be contacted at any time at 624-6500. The Campus Safety/Security Office is located in the IC Building, room 111. All students and employees are encouraged to report any suspicious or criminal activity to the Safety/Security Department.


Students, faculty, & employees at ENMU-R have access to instructional, recreational, & administrative buildings, as well as the public areas of campus housing during normal work hours. Facilities are locked after normal working hours but may be accessed by contacting Safety/Security personnel. Use of facilities after normal working hours is restricted and requires special advance authorization.

Access to resident hall dorm rooms and the Sierra Vista Village Club House is limited to students and their guests, according to ENMU-R dormitory visitation policy. Access to the resident halls by campus employees is on an as-needed basis and incorporates key control procedures.

The general public can attend & are encouraged to attend continuing education, cultural, and recreational events on campus with access limited to the facilities in which the events are held.


The external doors of the residence halls are locked and monitored by electronic alarm devices. The student dormitory rooms have conventional locks. Students are encouraged to keep their door locked and valuables secured. Security Cameras are in use in the dormitory parking lots.

ENMU-R has visiting policies in place for guests of resident hall occupants. Visiting in the lounge areas of the dormitories is regulated to specific times. Campus Housing Director and Student Resident Advisors, who are all campus housing staff, live in the residence halls. There are some occasions when the Housing Director is not in the resident halls for limited periods of time. Resident Advisors are always on call. Resident Advisors also facilitate resident hall monitoring during the evening hours. Special security procedures are in effect for student housing during low occupancy periods.


The Physical Plant department maintains the college buildings & grounds with a concern for & emphasis on safety & security. They are on call for response to reports of potential safety & security hazards, such as broken windows and locks. To report potential safety or security hazards or to request a work order to repair damaged or malfunctioning equipment call 624-7172, Monday thru Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 am to Noon on Fridays (excluding holidays). After 5p.m. or on weekends/holidays please contact the Safety/Security Department at 624-7180, 624-7181, or by cell phone at 317-6179.

Campus lighting, consisting of high intensity sodium vapor lights, illuminate buildings, parking lots, and interior walk-ways. In addition there are three payphones around the campus (1 in front of the ITC, 1 in front of the bookstore, and 1 in front of the swimming pool) and six emergency contact intercom systems that provide direct contact with the Safety/Security Department (1 in front of east entrance of the Administration Building, 4 are located at Sierra Vista Village, and  1 in front of the Safety/Security Department which is between the Instructional Center & the Instructional Training Center). Campus landscaping is maintained to increase visibility and eliminate potential hazards where a person or persons could conceal themselves. Security Cameras are in use in all major parking lots and the Swimming Pool area.


The cooperation and involvement of all faculty, staff, and students in campus safety/security is absolutely necessary. The campus community must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and the security of their personal belongings by taking simple, common-sense precautions. Doors should be locked at all times, especially when the occupant is not in the room. All valuable items should be marked with an engraver or the serial number stored in a safe place. Students are encouraged to park their vehicles in lighted parking areas adjacent to campus residing halls, and keep them locked at all times. Students should report any suspicious-looking individuals whom they feel do not belong in their residence halls or any unusual incidents in and around their residence halls to the housing staff or campus security.

In the event a member of the campus community becomes the victim of a crime, he/she should report the incident as prescribed in the above paragraphs. ENMU-R has established policies concerning sexual harassment covering all employees and students. This policy can be found in both the Employee Handbook and the ENMU-R Student handbook. The handbooks outline the procedures that students and employees should follow should they become the victim of a sexual assault or harassment situation.


ENMU-R is a drug/alcohol and firearm free institution. The possession of alcohol, drugs, firearms or dangerous weapons on campus is PROHIBITED. Any violation of this policy will result in the appropriate law enforcement agency being notified for the filing of criminal charges.

Members of the campus community are provided with Alcohol and Drug Prevention Handbook, which contains policies and procedures applicable to alcohol and drug usage. Information regarding this subject is also available in the ENMU-R Student Handbook. This information can also be accessed on the ENMU-R website here: Student Handbook Drug and Alcohol Policy


In accordance with the Crime Awareness Act of 1990, ENMU-R provides information relating to crime statistics and security measures to prospective students, matriculated students, and employees. This information is available on the website at: Students Right to Know Campus Crime Reports


ENMU-R provides programs, which can be attended on a voluntary basis by students and staff at the beginning of each semester. Topics included in these programs are rape, acquaintance rape, and other forcible or non-forcible sex offenses. The meeting places and times will be posted on the public bulletin board.

ENMU-R officials will NOT tolerate sexual assaults of any type, either by staff or students and will take all steps to support the criminal prosecution of persons involved in these types of activities. However, should any incident of sexual assault occur on campus, these procedures should be followed:

Immediately notify Campus Security. The Director of Campus Security will notify the proper law enforcement agencies with the strictest confidentiality. If this is an emergency situation, call 911. Do not disturb the crime scene. Evidence is very fragile, and will be collected by trained evidence technicians. DO NOT change clothing or shower. Valuable evidence can be collected and its integrity must be maintained. The Director of Campus Security will notify the appropriate members of ENMU-R Administration. The ENMU-R Administration wishes to maintain a safe campus environment and is concerned about the welfare of all members of the campus community. Should a member become a victim of a sexual assault, every resource will be utilized to insure the victim receives immediate assistance, as well as follow-up counseling and attention.

The administration of ENMU-R will make every reasonable effort to accommodate a change in academic or living arrangements, if requested by the victim. Both the accuser and accused are afforded the opportunity to due process, whether the incident is handled in the court system or through the campus administrative process. Both parties are entitled to have other individuals present during the proceeding. The parties will be notified of the administration's final determination and imposed sanctions.


According to the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, all convicted Sexual Offenders are required to register with the Sheriff in the County that they reside each year. The information concerning the registered sex offenders for Chaves County can be obtained by accessing the Campus Security's link on the ENMU-R website, notifying the Chaves County Sheriff's Department in writing, or by using the internet and choosing the following page: http://www.nmsexoffender.dps.state.nm.us


The Director of Security and staff are available for presentations of any crime prevention topic, which could include rape awareness, safety precautions, drug and alcohol abuse information, or any other topic requested by the campus community. ENMU-R will make every effort to meet the needs of members of the campus community to insure their well-being while on campus.


ENMU-R has Emergency Operating Procedures for Critical Incidents. This plan is intended to highlight potential areas of risk or vulnerability to campus personnel and facilities. The purpose of this plan is to provide clear guidance to the campus community during a crisis situation.

ENMU-R has identified several specific emergencies, which could pose a threat to persons who may be on campus. Some of these areas identified are as follows:

  • Bomb Threat
  • Inclement Weather
  • Civil Unrest
  • Irrational Behavior
  • Earthquake
  • Medical or Personal Injury
  • Explosions
  • Physical/Sexual Assault
  • Fire
  • Prison Escape
  • Firearms on Campus
  • Robbery
  • Hazardous Spills
  • Tornado
  • Hostage Situation
  • Violent Behavior
  • Missing Persons

A copy of the Emergency Operating Procedures may be obtained by contacting the Director of Security or by clicking here: Emergency Operating Procedures

Security Office (24/7): 575-624-7180

Safety Office (8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.): (575) 624-7062

Safety/Security Director's Office (7:00a.m.-5:00p.m.): 575-624-7110

Safety/Security Director's Cell: 575-626-7597

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