Whether you're an early bird, or something in between, you won't ever have to worry about finding somewhere to eat.
Dining on campus provides the social experience essential to campus life. It gives you the opportunity to gather with friends, take study breaks, hang out, relax and unwind after a hard day of classes and activities.
You’ll find great food, honest values and a comfortable atmosphere in which to enjoy it all. You have a variety of venues to choose from.

Poco Parilla

Authentic New Mexican burritos, Fajita’s, quesadillas, tacos and nachos.

Fresh Cuisine

A variety of weekly specialties: pasta, oriental, salad, chicken wings.

Cougar Grill

Hot off-the-grill hamburgers, hotdogs, fries, and breakfast burritos.

GW Subs

Incredibly delicious subs, sandwiches, Panini’s, and spreads!


Fresh hot pizza slices,, calzones, and breadsticks served daily at lunch.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus with a variety of entrées.

Soup Bar

Freshly prepared soups, chowders and chili to warm you from the inside.

Salad Bar

Create your own salad! Fresh greens, fruit and specialty salads.

Dessert Bar

Fresh baked cookies, brownies, cakes, to satisfy any sweet tooth.


Featuring a variety of breakfast cereals, bagels, toast and hot waffles.

Snack Bar

Grab-n-go snacks, assorted candies and beverages.

Coffee Bar

Specialty coffee, tea, cold drinks and pastries.


Carbonated soft drinks, iced tea, and fruit juices.

Dining Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday:

Breakfast:  6:30am - 8:30am
Cont.          8:30am - 9:00am
Cafeteria will close at 9:00am and reopen at 11:00am for lunch.

Lunch:     11:00 - 1:30
Cafeteria will close at 1:30pm and reopen at 4:30pm (Mon. – Thurs.) Cafeteria will open at 5:00pm on Friday.

Dinner:      4:30 - 6:00 (Mon. - Thur.)
                  5:00 - 6:00 (Fri.)

Saturday & Sunday:
Cafeteria will close at 1:00pm and reopen at 5:00pm.

Brunch     12:00 - 1:00
Dinner        5:00 - 6:00

One of our main goals is to provide a pleasant, clean, comfortable and satisfying dining experience. In order to meet this goal, we ask for your assistance with the following procedures:
Please bus your dishes and disposables from your table when you have finished dining.
Please refrain from taking food, dishes or utensils from the dining area.
Remember that student ID cards are mandatory for purchasing meals, meal plans funds are non-transferable and cannot be used by anyone but the purchaser