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Eating on campus is about more than just great food. Meal times are the time to relax, refuel, hang-out with friends, have fun, or make new friends. You will always be able to eat what you want, when you want, how you want! In addition to the large variety of food to select from, if you don’t have time to sit down and eat, you can always get your meal to go!

Meal plan contracts are available to all students living in the residence halls and can choose from three differ meal plans.  All residents in Building One are required to purchase a meal plan. The meal plan is optional for those residing in the Building Two and Three. Eat as many meals as you wish, full meals or snacks anytime of the day when the cafeteria is open. Just present your Student ID card to the cashier.

The meal plan is similar to a debit account. Each time you make a purchase with your student ID card, the amount is automatically deducted from your account at retail cost.

Campus Dining Fall & Spring Rates*

Gold level

$1740 per semester

Silver level

$1540 per semester


$1020 per semester

*Estimated number of serving days per semester is one hundred and twelve (112).
*Rates are subject to change

Campus Dining – Summer Rates*

Gold level

$950 per semester

Silver level

$700 per semester


$650 per semester

* Estimated number of serving days is fifty-six (56).
*Rates are subject to change

Meal Plan Contract

The Meal Plan Contract is legally binding for the semester between the student and Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell.  By signing this contract, you have agree to participate in the meal plan program and are financially liable unless you leave ENMU-R or cancel your Housing contract, in which case you must cancel your meal plan by submitting the proper paperwork to the Card Services Office.  (575) 624-7488.

Can I change my meal plan once the semester has begun?

You can change your meal plan only if prior to the published Add/Drop date of the semester. Contact the Card Services Office at 575-624-7488.

Can I get a refund of my meal balance when the semester has ended?

You can receive a refund of your meal plan balance only if you have cancelled your meal plan with the Card Services Office prior to the published add/drop date. The refund will be the balance on the day of refund. Contact the Card Services Office at 575-624-7488.

What if I run out of meal plan funds?

Don't worry! If you run out of funds on your meal plan account you may purchase Cougar Cash at the Cashier’s office. Always check your dining receipt so that you’ll always know your balance. Contact the Cashiers Office at 575-624-7125.

Meal Plan Rules

  • Meal plans are available to all dorm residents.
  • Meal plans are non-transferable.
  • A meal plan is required if you're living in Building one. (non-kitchen units)
  • A meal plan is optional for those living in Building two and three (kitchen units).
  • You must present your Student ID card in the cafeteria to purchase a meal plan.
  • Meals are not served during Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break and Spring Break.

Questions concerning the terms of Meal Plan Contracts may be directed to the Card Services Office, College Services Suite 104. You can also call 575-624-7488.