As a Faculty/Staff member at Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell you need to eat too, right?  You never have to worry about having cash on hand or even leaving campus and losing your parking space.

Obtain a campus Cougar debit card at no cost and add money as little as $25.00
Cougar Cash is similar to a debit account. Each time you make a purchase with your card, the amount is automatically deducted from your account. Always check your receipt so you will know your balance. Cougar Cash is refundable.
If you'd like to pay with credit card, cash or check, please visit the Cashier’s Office located in the Student Services Building or call us at 575-624-7125.

Commuter Students, Faculty and Staff
If you are student who lives off campus, or a faculty or staff, you may choose to purchase a Meal Punch Card; these may be purchased directly from the Great Western Dining Office in the dining hall.

Meal Ticket


Discounted Dining Rates
Buffet Line Only or Any Venue

$55.00 + Tax

Breakfast               $4.75
Lunch                     $6.25
Dinner:                  $7.00
Includes Beverage-Medium Drink

Meal Tickets are non-refundable
 and do not expire

Above pricing does not include taxes