• To learn time management skills at the beginning of the semester.
  • When you need help with homework questions.
  • When office hours for your instructor conflict with your schedule.
  • When help is needed to explain concepts and discuss ideas.
  • To help study for a quiz or test.
  • When you feel you’re beginning to fall behind in class and need some help.


  • Textbooks
  • Notes
  • Past quizzes or tests
  • Class syllabus
  • Homework
  • Troubling workbook problems


  • Be familiar with the material you will be working on before using tutoring.
  • Get to know your instructor.  Ask questions in class for clarification when needed.  Another good time to receive assistance from your instructor is just before or after class.
  • Read your syllabus - - reread your syllabus.  Put your syllabus where you will not lose it, but can easily access it.


  • Don’t expect your tutor to do your homework.  Learning is a process; if you do not do your own homework, you don’t learn!
  • Don’t wait until the day before or day of a quiz or test to get help.  Help may not be readily available.  You do yourself a disservice by not preparing ahead.  Learning takes time, effort and planning.  Contact the Learning Lab to set up a study schedule or assistance with time management.
  • Remember, the tutor is not responsible for your success or failure.  Your success demands your time and commitment.

Smarthinking Online Tutoring

Smarthinking is an online tutoring program that offers you live online help and academic solutions to questions you may have about your current coursework here at ENMU-Roswell. Smarthinking can be used to speak to a live person through an online chat that also includes a whiteboard for interaction. Questions can be posed to a qualified online educator and you can work through everything from Math problems to questions about History or English. Smarthinking can also be used to edit the content and construction of your essay assignments. A team of educators will review your essay and pay attention to any details that you request. If you are unsure of the proper grammar you can request that the team look for issues of grammar. The e-Instructors at Smarthinking will offer you suggestions and ideas for strengthening your essay. This program is offered to you FREE of charge.

To request tutoring services, please contact:

Learning Lab
(575) 624-7220
Instructional Center, Room 120
(Between the Library and IC Building)
Walk-in and by appointment tutoring

Learning Lab
(575) 624-7220
(575) 624-7491