Sigrid Webb - Counselor for Special Services

Sigrid Webb
Laura Herrera - Instructor, Recognizing Conflict and Conflict Management

Laura Herrera
Tara Trever - Instructor for Independent Living

Tara Trever
Leah Lucier - Interim Special Services Deputy Director
Arts and Sciences Room 100A
Leah Lucier
Louie Longoria - Job Skills, Special Services

Louie Longoria
Sheryl Keefer - Tutor

Sheryl Keefer
Patrick Burris - Instructor - Independent Living and Laboratory Animal Caretaker

Patrick Burris
Lisa Cassels - Instructor, Child Care

Lisa Cassels
Stacy Dietrich - Instructor - Veterinary Assistant, VA Site Supervisor

Stacy Dietrich
Sara Shaw - Instructor - Physical Education, OTA

Sara Shaw
Jennifer O'Berry - Instructor - Food Services and practicum site supervi

Jennifer O'Berry
Kim LaDuca - Instructor - Stocking and Merchandising, Practicum Site Supervisor

Kim LaDuca
Diane Leven - Child Care Practicum Site Supervisor

Diane Leven
Becky Joyce - Office Skills Practicum Site Supervisor

Becky Joyce
MarKay Hickerson - Instructor – Office Skills and Job Skills 2nd Year

MarKay Hickerson