Professional Pilot Training-Fixed Wing

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ENMU-Roswell’s Professional Pilot Training Program provide student the ability to pilot Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Rotorcraft-Helicopter, and Unmanned Aerial Systems.

The  Associate of Science degree in Professional Pilot Training-Fixed Wing provides students with complete aircraft pilot training so they can become gainfully employed in the aviation industry. A strong academic component is included in the program, thus providing a well‑rounded graduate. These academic courses would also be transferable should the graduate decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

The A.S. degrees in Professional Pilot Training transfers into a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree program at ENMU.

  • All lectures and corresponding labs must be taken simultaneously.
  • Student must have an ENMU Campus System cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in order to meet graduation requirements.
  • Submit a Graduation Application before the close of the semester preceding the expected completion date.
  • Requirements must be met from the General Education Common Core.
  • The students will pay Pilot training fees directly to the flight training provider.
  • The student must have flown a minimum of 250 flight hours and have received a Commercial Pilot’s License and an instrument rating to receive the Associate of Science degree