Areas of Responsibility

  1. Work Orders - Work orders are submitted through a work order form process. They are entered into our computerized maintenance management system. This produces a work order, which is then assigned to the proper mechanic. It is given a priority based on the nature of the request. When the work order is complete it is closed in the system with the hours and material needed to complete the job.
    Work orders can be submitted as follows: online form, by e-mail, by calling ext. 172 or by inter-campus mail.
  2. Preventive Maintenance - Preventive work orders are generated through the same computer system. Each piece of equipment has various tasks that need to be performed to keep it maintained properly. The computer automatically generates work orders on a monthly basis with the work scheduled to be completed on various pieces of equipment. By doing this we prevent equipment from breaking down and extending their service life.
  3. Motor Pool - This service includes 1 employee and help from the Physical Plant Secretary. Vehicle requests can be submitted as follows: online form, by e-mail, by calling ext. 172 or by inter-campus mail.
  4. Record Archives - no employee, but is part of Deliveries and Facilities Technician job duties. Guidelines for record archives are from a state statute, which explain what and for how long University records are kept. These records include such items as Business Office records, Provost's Office minutes from meeting, student records, audits, etc.
  5. Facility Management - One employee. Responsible for taking reservations on rental of rooms, buildings, and swimming pool. Also, generates invoices and reports as requested.
  6. Setups, Moves, and Storage - One employee. Responsible for setting up and taking down of all the University functions (tables, chairs, etc.) Helps employees with departmental moves. Responsible for maintaining property storage.
  7. Construction Coordination - Responsibility of Physical Plant Director. Meets with architects, engineers, contractors and building committees to coordinate and facilitate new construction, rehabbing of existing buildings and infrastructure upgrades.
  8. Custodial Services - One supervisor and twelve custodians. Responsible for cleaning approximately 470,000 square foot of building space. National recommended guidelines is 22,000 square feet per custodian our average is 39,166 square feet.

Motor Vehicles

You must show your current driver's license to the Physical Plant staff in order to check-out a vehicle. You must do it every time you wish to check out a vehicle. No license-no vehicle. Retroactive, November 2002, everyone must take Defensive Driving every 4 (four) years. Refer to Motor Vehicles Policies & Procedures for more information.

State Car request form (.xls or .pdf)


ENMU-R's key policy is that the key request form must be signed by the supervising individual as to what employee is to be issued what keys and this is to be done before the request is brought to the Physical Plant. When an individual leaves ENMU-R it is the supervisors responsibility to make sure all keys are turned in to the Physical Plant before the last payroll check will be issued. If keys are lost or misplaced there is a $25.00 charge per key.

Key Authorization and Security Policies & Procedure